Fashionable marsala in the interior

Actually, the beautiful word "Marsala" describes a dark red, even burgundy color, which can also be called just wine. The color of red wine is a bright but noble color that can perfectly decorate the interior, but in abundance will make it too dark, oppressive. It should not be used in very small rooms as the main one, and as an emphasis one should treat it with care even if you really want to make a fashionable note.

In spacious living rooms, kitchens, Marsala will be very appropriate for both wall decoration and for furniture and accessories. Also, the wine color is good for the kitchen, but for the bedroom it is worth being careful with this active color, choosing the most muted shades of Marsala.

What colors should try to combine wine color?Of course, a win-win combination of Marsala and white. This combination will make the interior more aristocratic, fresher. You can also find very exquisite combinations with black, woody brown. Such combinations will make your living room or hall-hallway not only fashionable and bright, but also give them a special charm of a dull classic.Marsala + natural shades of white (milky, light beige, vanilla, cream) will also be successful.

A more controversial combination of wine-colored with gray, because the unfortunate choice of shade of gray in this case, greatly spoil the interior. It is better to stay on light gray and very muted shades of wine color.

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