Fashionable hairstyles autumn – winter 2014–2015: be in trend

Fashionable hairstyles autumn – winter 2014–2015Nothing emphasizes individuality and femininity as good as your hairstyle. You can choose any clothes and accessories, but the hair has always been and will be the main decoration of the girl. Our tips will help you choose not only beautiful, but also fashionable hairstyles for the season autumn – winter 2014–2015, and the photos will help you try on a new image for yourself.

Fashionable hairstyles autumn – winter: short haircut

As in the past season, modern pixie haircuts do not lose their relevance. They give originality to facial features and create a rejuvenating effect. Haircuts of the new season are characterized by asymmetry and long bangs with a short haircut. Looks good just like just laid hair, and a slight wet effect and giving some kind of carelessness. Garcon haircut with a one-side sweep and long cascading bangs is again becoming popular. Also relevant is the bean haircut so loved by many. What haircuts will be in fashion in 2015, our photos will clearly show you.

Hairstyles autumn – winter 2014–2015: average length

Again, back in fashion car. All its forms are popular, both classical and false. Oblique elongated bangs emphasize your modernity. Lightweight wavy curls, a wet effect, as well as braids braided on one side will suit for laying. For fluffy hair is well suited cascade with clear straight lines. Again in the trend and haircut ladder, which affects a variety of styling options.
Fashionable hairstyles autumn – winter 2014–2015

Fashion hairstyles autumn-winter 2014-2015: long hair

Long hair at all times were popular with women and caused the thrill and admiration of men. Long curls are not only beautiful and romantic, but always interesting and unusual, because there are so many options. Particularly fashionable hairstyles of 2015 (photo below):

  • ponytail;
  • sloppy curls;
  • pigtails;
  • bundle;
  • style 60's.

Fashionable hairstyles autumn – winter 2014–2015
As in previous seasons, and in the next, ponytail - one of the most popular hairstyles for owners of long hair. Both the high tail and the low one are fashionable, which can be wrapped around with a few elastic bands along the entire length, giving greater originality. The well-known malvinki are returning to the life of fashionistas when the front strands are pulled down into a high tail, and the rest of the hair remains loose.A new variation of the ponytail is the interweaving of the front strands and the use of natural hair instead of elastic, the addition of small braids or wavy strands.

Be yourself

Naturalness is more than ever in price, and slight negligence in your style will be at the peak of popularity. The new season supports the fashion wet effect of hair, careless styling and various waves. Interesting will be the combination of straight hair and individual wavy strands.
Fashionable hairstyles autumn – winter 2014–2015
Various braids and interlacing of hair will never lose its popularity, the coming year will not be an exception. A high or low bunch of collected hair is suitable for both everyday look and festive evening.

What hairstyles will be in fashion in 2015?

Trends differ in some innovations as compared to 2014. For example, Indian hairstyles, the use of a hoop and a scarf for originality, as well as parting for long and medium hair, are becoming fashionable.
Experiment, and you will always look 100%!

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