Fashion Spring - Summer 2015

Spring is coming and women of fashion are choosing new things for the stylish spring-summer 2015 season. Fashion shows prepared by designers for the spring-summer season will help in this. Let's look at fashion trends to make the image breathtakingly beautiful.

Fashion, which is shown on shows in New York, London or Paris, sets the tone for street style - the most popular branch. Consider it in detail.

  1. In 2015, fashion is original and memorable, and fashion spring summer 2014 was more modest. New colors of clothing will please with rich colors and unusual prints.
  2. Contrary to the findings of experts who identified the wine color as the main one in 2015, spring-summer fashion expanded the list of popular colors. Women's dresses dazzle with stylish and effective berry and fruit shades.
  3. Prints are represented by graphic and floral images. Fashion insists that floral and floral patterns are used in clothing. Such print will decorate a trouser suit, a dress or a coat.
  4. Graphic patterns will help young girls to attract attention. In a fashion image of wild animals, architectural objects and cartoon characters.
  5. The cell that adorns the skirts, suits and dresses remains fashionable. In the collections of designers, it is not widely represented, but in street style it is popular.
  6. Do not forget about the classic polka-dot pattern of different sizes. Look peas especially chic on summer dresses.

The highlight of the coming season is minimalism. Designers rely on uncluttered clothing without excessive decor to focus on the texture of the material, and not on the lines.

  1. The list of hits of the season is represented by wide trousers, dresses of straight cut, pleated skirts and fitted jackets. Do not lose relevance and blouses with a coat.
  2. Designers provoke girls to experiment, which provide a combination of not combining things. Choose short dresses that are recommended to be worn with sneakers.
  3. Not bypassed the idea of ​​a minimalist side and shoes. The pearl of the season are shoes of different colors. And the wedge restrained its position, getting fancy outlines.
  4. Knitted clothes, characterized by openwork and light patterns, is not without attention. Favorites of the season are long sweaters and medium length dresses.
  5. For the decoration of knitted clothing designers use fringe, which is combined with natural and warm shades.

Stylish clothing, going down from the podium, gets a new life, giving fashionistas the opportunity to carry out bold experiments with images.

Spring-Summer 2015 Fashion Trends

On the eve of the spring-summer season, women update their wardrobe. Experts recommend getting clothes of light and bright colors, determine what is missing, and then go to the store.

  1. The range of colors is varied. Lilac reminds, that already spring. Pistachio, lemon and pink colors complement the range of pastel shades.
  2. Not less important is the bright palette. At the top of the leadership is a yellow color. Each collection contains costumes, skirts and other yellow clothes.
  3. An invariable trend of the season is a floral boom. Flowers are present on clothing, accessories, hats and shoes. Topical are skirts, blouses and light dresses with a floral pattern.
  4. The list of matching shades is presented in red, sand, beige, white and black colors. Choose a skirt and a blouse and complement the outfit with bright accessories.
  5. Denim things have become a classic fashion, this season is no exception. From jeans sew jackets, pants, shorts, skirts, shirts. Any denim thing is relevant in everyday and evening wardrobe.
  6. The basic thing in the wardrobe - pants. Men and women love them for practicality and convenience. Trousers classic cut kept relevance.
  7. Shirts of various shades continue to bathe in popularity. The most relevant is cut, like a shirt, worn by men.

I think that there will be no problems with choosing and buying new clothes for wardrobe. Remember, new clothes will become comfortable and comfortable if you take into account fashion trends and personal preferences during the selection. During the story, I shared useful tips on updating wardrobe. If you really want to look beautiful and original, not moving away from fashion and style, listen to them.

Designers create clothes that not everyone can afford. This does not mean that fashion stores will not have analogues at an affordable price. If you do not have a large budget, wait a bit.

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