Fans ripped wig off Sophia Loren

The confusion occurred with the Italian actress in Moscow, where she came to the presentation of the music award.
Photo: Roman Sukhodeev /

Last weekend, the Bolshoi Theater hosted a presentation of the BraVo award, designed to celebrate successes in the field of classical and popular music. On this occasion, world-famous celebrities came to Moscow, among whom was Italian actress Sophia Loren.

For the evening she came in a spectacular black dress with sequins and in her 82 years she looked just gorgeous. True, before entering the theater there was an embarrassment with her. As reported, a crowd of fans literally attacked Sophie, and as a result a wig almost fell off her. Fortunately, the actress did not lose her, and with a couple of movements brought him back into place.

Obviously, what happened led celebrity guards to increase their vigilance. More fans were not allowed in, and they even led out to the toilet, surrounding it with a tight ring and freeing the room from other guests.

Photo: Roman Sukhodeev /

But the actress, it seems, this misunderstanding of the mood has not spoiled. Handing the award to conductor Vladimir Spivakov, she confessed:

“It’s a great honor and great joy for me to present the award to the maestro, whose professional activities go hand in hand with generosity and kindness.”

And during the performance of pianist Denis Matsuev, she could not resist at all and began to dance right in the royal box.

By the way, other foreign celebrities also had embarrassments that evening. For example, the actress Nastasya Kinski, who appeared at an event in a dress with a slit to the middle of the thigh, had tricky torn tights. And singer Nicole Scherzinger lost her fur coat somewhere along the way.

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