Expensive diamond jewelry in a modern style

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

A diamond is that unique gem, on whose pious reputation the stamp of old-fashionedness has never been superimposed. And all because jewelers are not afraid to undermine his noble image by any experiments. Diamonds are featured in pompous evening jewels with flowers, birds and animals of impressive size and astronomical value, and in every girl's minimalistic daily collection and are invariably also the main symbols of love and the most desirable gifts for important dates. Diamonds are able to “grow up” together with their mistress and with it, and to get involved in different styles: from romance to architectural rigor, from ancient techniques to modern technology. Today we will stop at the present time and select those diamonds that reflect the latest trends.

Gold ring with diamonds

The answer “yes” to the marriage proposal in its jewelry version should look exactly like this - an impressive, haughty and envious large diamond surrounded by a miniature placer.

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