Exhibitions in 2016, in which the queues promise both to Serov

Those who want to see the “Girl with Peaches” still continue to slack off jokes, and if you look into the past, Moscow remembers even more ambitious crowds than a line at Serov. In 1974, for example, to stop in front of the “Gioconda” for only 10–15 seconds, visitors to the gallery had to wait for 7–8 hours. We decided to tell you about the new no less discussed exhibitions of this year, which, according to experts, will cause no less stir. Hurry up to buy tickets!

“Frida Kahlo. Painting and drawing from the collections of Mexico »

Opening:February 3rd

Where:Faberge Museum

The "Broken Column" by Frida Kahlo (1944)

Frida Kahlo is already in St. Petersburg. What is inside? 35 paintings (including the very first - “Portrait of Alicia Galant”), 100 photographs, lithographs, pencil drawings, as well as dresses and a documentary film introducing Mexican reality from the time of Frida. Each picture can be compared with an illustration of the life experience that the artist experienced at the time of working on it. On the self-portrait “The Broken Column,” for example, Frida portrays herself in a steel corset.The reason is a car crash. Pigeons in the pupils - the hope of recovery. A curious fact: Jean-Paul Gautier, wondering what Lila would be in the Fifth Element, kept this picture in mind.

“Family Cranach. Between the Renaissance and Mannerism "

Opening:March 4

Where:Pushkin Museum to them. Pushkin

"Three Saxon Princesses," Lucas Cranach the Elder (1535)

In the spring there will be a reason to look at the Volkhonka museum. There you will have to meet with the family Cranach, who created portraits and genre and biblical compositions. The works of painters (and this is a total of 48 paintings and more than 50 graphic works) will bring together from museums not only Russian cities, but also Berlin, Madrid, Budapest ...

“From Elizabeth to Victoria. English Portrait from the National Portrait Gallery, London "

Opening:April 22

Where:Tretyakov Gallery

"William Shakespeare," John Taylor (1610)

Those who have been to London, certainly did not ignore the National Portrait Gallery. The good news: the famous portraits are going to Moscow. What is interesting, many, yes that little things, almost all of the persons depicted in the portraits are familiar to us by a place in history, but not always by appearance. See, perhaps for the first time, what Isaac Newton, James Cook, George Byron, or Jerome K. looked likeJerome, is this a curious event?

“Wassily Kandinsky. Counterpoint: Composition VI - Composition VII

Opening:1st of May

Where:Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val

Again a big name, therefore, waiting for the hype. We are talking about the exhibition of works by Vasily Kandinsky, an abstractionist and the founder of the Blue Rider creative association, planned at the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val. In the center of attention are two of the most famous works: “Composition VI” and “Composition VII”, which have not been exhibited together since 1989.

"Composition VII", Vasily Kandinsky (1913)

"Ivan Aivazovsky"

Opening:July 29

Where:Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val

 "St. Isaac's Cathedral on a frosty day", Ivan Aivazovsky (1891)

According to the forecasts of the director of the Tretyakov Gallery, the longest line of 2016 is still ahead, since the exhibition of Ivan Aivazovsky will open in summer. The organizers promise to immediately put up 100 paintings and 50 graphic works. Of course, the famous paintings “The Ninth Wave”, “The Wave”, “Rainbow” will be presented to everyone, demonstrating the skill of the Aivazovsky-marine painter. The picture "At the coast of the Caucasus" has not been shown before. Also, visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to find out the artist as a battle, graphics.By the way, in 2004 Aivazovsky's painting "St. Isaac's Cathedral on a frosty day" went under the hammer for 1,125 million pounds sterling.

«RomaAeterna. Masterpieces of the Pinacoteca Vatican. Bellini, Raphael, Caravaggio "

Opening:October 31

Where:The Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane

Roma Aeterna. Masterpieces of the Pinacoteca Vatican. Bellini, Raphael, Caravaggio

In November, again we are in a hurry to buy a ticket and take a turn to the Tretyakov Gallery (although they promise a visit by session). On the agenda are the masterpieces of the Vatican Museum. Consequently, the attention to the exhibition will undoubtedly be heightened, international.

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