Everything is serious: 3 places in the house, where you absolutely can not hang a mirror

According to the ancient Chinese Feng Shui teaching, a mirror can bring owners not only benefit, but also harm. Therefore, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of this decor item and hang it only in suitable places to avoid the accumulation of negative energy in the house and prevent trouble.

If the shape of the mirror, many still prefer to choose according to your taste (although oval is considered classic), then you should hang them according to the rules in order not to accidentally harm your home.

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Places where you should not place mirrors.

Opposite the front door and window

Experts do not recommend hanging mirrors in front of doors or windows, because it can provoke an outflow of positive energy from home, as well as take well-being and success. But trouble will increase, and this is not in our plans.

In the bedroom

In this room it is absolutely not recommended to hang mirrors. It is believed that a sleeping person should not be reflected in the mirror, otherwise there will be trouble.This can adversely affect family relationships. If you really need to look at your reflection in the morning, place a mirror inside the cabinet (on the inside of the door), so you can follow the rules and satisfy your desires.

Next to the stove or opposite

Opposite the slab, too, you should not place a mirror, otherwise it will take your strength, and you will become tired twice as fast. If you really want to decorate your kitchen area with a mirror, then place it in front of the table where the whole family gathers. It is believed that in this way you increase wealth and maintain harmony in the house.

And herein the hallhe is the place. The mirror can improve the atmosphere of the hallway and visually expand the space. After all, a close room, according to ancient teachings, can take resources from you, so it is recommended to place a mirror or cabinets with a mirror surface in the hallway.

To get rid of negative energy, mirrors must be cleaned as often as possible. If the mirror is cracked or broken, you should rinse the fragments under running water and then throw it away.

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