Ergonomic furniture: practical, comfortable and tasteful

With a well-designed, somewhat unusual, but such convenient ergonomic furniture, the concepts of "convenience" and "comfort" cease to be meaningless phrases. With such furniture it is easy to rationally use the space without sacrificing anything. Compact, well-designed models, easily transformed or, as an option, have mixed functionality. Interesting ideas for the creators of modern furniture abound. Hasten to look at them with your own eyes. And the conclusions about how convenient and rational it is will not keep you waiting.

This miracle sofa can easily be turned into comfortable soft armchairs and a compact sofa without armrests.

Designer table matryoshka worthy of all praise. Joining together its individual parts, it is easy to get furniture of different functionality and purpose: from a comfortable nightstand to a spectacular shelf.

Many owners of small apartments dream of such a mini-kitchen.In a confined space, everything was put in: from the sink and refrigerator to the kitchen table with drawers.

A part of this dresser hides not only a full-fledged place for writing, but also a chair, without taking up much space.

The convenience of this design with a stationary pedestal is the presence of a turning part. On the one hand is a full-fledged desk, and on the other hand a comfortable bed.

Looking at this transforming nightstand, you will not immediately guess that it is collapsible. The design is easy not only to turn into a coffee table, but also to make out into separate stools.

And these chairs can be turned into a table according to the principle of the designer.

This crib is thought out to the smallest detail. The two-sided design can be easily transformed into a sleeping place for infants, complemented by a comfortable seat for an adult. Later you can organize a comfortable bed for the grown-up baby with or without bumpers. Provided in the design and space for children's games.

The original coffee table with shelves is easily disassembled. If desired, it turns into a coffee table, complete with self-contained chairs.

In such a chair is comfortable and comfortable.One of the armrests turned into a thoughtful working area, complemented by shelving. The other serves as a partition, providing privacy.

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