Enrich the room with bright original pillows.

Make a repair in the room and fill it with the best furniture - and still there will be something missing ... After all, the comfort and individuality of the apartment is attached to the details. And home textiles are a real field for creativity. Small and large, soft and hard, the pillows can transform any, even the simplest design. The material for sewing can be bought, but you can search in your own closet!

The first step is to make the pillow itself. Choose a thick fabric and fill it with volumetric padding. It can be foam rubber, synthetic winterizer or even old things. In the latter case, it is better to use lightweight synthetic clothing. Great for these purposes are suitable old tights. After the pillow is ready, you can proceed to the most interesting - to make beautiful pillow cases.

Settle old clothes

One of the simplest types of decor. You only need to choose a thing of bright colors or interesting texture.The easiest way is to sew the pillows from an old sweater or scarf. Knitwear excellent stretches.

Yarn Pillowcases

If you have enough time and enthusiasm, you can tie a pillow with knitting needles or crochet. Choose your favorite patterns and designs.

Play with color

Thick white fabric can be decorated with textile dyes. It is easier than it seems. The main thing is to follow the instructions on the package.

Make an interesting appliqué.

A beautiful pattern, which you can cut from some thing or make from parts, will fit perfectly on a square pillow. Use textile glue, special tape, or attach an embroidery pattern.

You can use ready-made patterns:


The case when one application is not enough. Sew the pillow cases from the color shreds of different colors.

Add unusual details

Pillows can be decorated with the same decorative elements as clothing. Feel free to sew lace, flounces and buttons to them!

Discard the usual forms

If you are confident in your abilities, try to sew pillows in the form of various letters, animals or even small clouds. Especially appropriate such a decor will be in the nursery.

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