Emily Ratakovski was published in an unsuccessful skirt

The model and actress has gone too far in wanting to show the world her gorgeous body.

Emily Ratakovski often publishes very frank content on her social media page: tiny bikinis, underwear, translucent robes are all her favorite fashion entertainments. However, recently, the star even goes out half-naked.

Recently, a model was seen in Milan, where she arrived at Fashion Week. For a walk through the fashion capital, Emily chose a set consisting of a top and a skirt; everything is laconic and snow-white, contrary to its usual fashionable preferences.

Of course, Emily Ratakovsky would not have been herself if she had not chosen the most sexy outfit. It was her desire to appear to the world in all its glory and played a cruel joke with the model. The main disadvantage of the dress, oddly enough, was the skirt. It was she who brought the image of Ratakovski to failure. The fact is that the Instagram star chose a knitted model with a low waistline for the boardwalk.In combination with the midi length and the cropped top, the figure of Emily looked disproportionate and absurd. And all because she wanted to show the world her luxurious press.

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