Effective water slimming exercises

Water is not only the source of life, but also a great helper in creating the perfect body. Now it's summer, which means that you have many different possibilities. Do not miss your chance and finally bring your body in order. Performing certain exercises in the water, you can easily lose weight so much that after returning from vacation, your colleagues and acquaintances will envy not only sunburn, but also a chiseled figure.

Training in water is several times more effective than all other physical activities. It's all about the properties of water. Performing exercises under water, we almost never get tired, which means we can practice for a longer time. In addition, water exercises perfectly tonify and tighten sagging skin. As you can see, water physical culture has many advantages, so enough to bask on the beach - go to the water and lose weight.

Exercises in water can be performed by absolutely all people, and even those who cannot swim.All you need for such a workout is having plenty of water, a comfortable swimsuit and your desire to become better.

To lose weight in the water, you need to engage in regular and as long as possible to perform one exercise. For one entry into the water, perform 5 exercises, ranging from ten to one hundred times. To get the result of practicing in water, you just need to move, rather than lie on an inflatable mattress.

Exercising in the water you can work out absolutely all muscle groups. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with a selection of some exercises.

Simple and useful

Running on the spot. To resist in the water in one place is extremely difficult. But will have to try. Go into the water to the waist and start running. If you can not fix it in one place, do not worry. The main thing do not stop and run as long as possible. Do not worry that in the eyes of others you look ridiculous, just go into the water deeper and no one will notice what you are doing.

Swing your feet. To do this exercise, you must go so deep that the water touches your chest. Take a comfortable position and alternately lift the right leg, and then the left to the right angle.To reach the maximum effect of the exercise, touch the raised leg with your hand.

Exercise for hands. Basically, swimming is the most effective exercise. But only those who can do it can do it. If you can not boast of success in conquering the expanses of water, do not despair, a special exercise will make your arms tightened and strong without a crawl and breaststroke. Go into the water on the neck, spread your arms to the side (as if you want to embrace the whole world) and join the palms in front of you. This exercise pumps up not only the arms, but also the back.

Exercise in the water for the press. It is safer to perform it at a shallow depth. We lay down on the back, put our hands in front of us, palms look down. Exhaling - we press the knees to the chest, on the inspiration - we return to the starting position.

To burn as many calories as possible, jump in the water. Despite the absence of a rope, believe the effect will be noticeable. Especially to jump on sea waves it is madly cheerful.

We turn the bike. For a more convenient exercise, you will need an inflatable pillow. We lay down on the back, place the pillow under the head and turn in this position the vertical pedals.Thus, you load not only the muscles of the legs, but also the abs with the back.


Of course, swimming in different styles is the most effective exercise for losing weight. If you can do this, swim as long as possible. Train your endurance, learn new styles and at the end of the vacation you will see how much your body has changed.

Doing water is not only good for your body and health, but also fun. Exercising under water in the summer is a great alternative to gymnastics.

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