Effective use of the balcony

First you need to decide why you need a balcony, and whether it is necessary to warm it. For example, if you lay a warm floor and put plastic windows, you can use it as a gym, or even a separate room.

For children of preschool age, there is enough space on the balcony to engage in crafts, drawing, and also for folding toys, which are very often carried throughout the whole space of the apartment.

Families involved in sports can be installed on the balcony simulators, racks with dumbbells, rollers, skis.

On the balcony, you can organize a full-fledged workplace by installing a computer desk and a comfortable chair or chair. When organizing such a peculiar office on the balcony, harmful electromagnetic radiation from a computer or laptop will not be located next to a sleeping place or a resting place.

You can also install a washing machine on the insulated balcony and hang laundry to hang it in the same place.Then you don’t have to sacrifice a small space in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Above the machine, you can hang shelves or cabinets for storing household chemicals.

Older people may well carry out small repairs and put special cabinets and shelves for preservation storage. Additionally, you can arrange flower pots, as well as hanging pots. You can also put a table, two chairs, and then at any time of the year you can not only enjoy the weather next to your loved one, but also do handicrafts, drink coffee and read a newspaper in the morning, listening to the birds singing and breathing the smell of flowers.

With proper care for the flowers, they will be able to please in the winter with bright and lush foliage or flowering.

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