Effective Circuit Training for Fat Burning

The ideal and beautiful figure is hard work and hard work. To make your body perfect and prominent, you definitely need to play sports. And what exactly is suitable for improving the form? Test circuit training. But first, find out their features.

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Circuit training: the essence and important points

As the name implies, the circular training consists of circles. Here are some features of this workout:

  1. One round is a set of exercises. In total, it can include from 5 to 10 exercises. The exact amount will depend on your training and the complexity of each individual exercise.
  2. Any exercise from the circle involves performing at least 10 repetitions. But with reduced complexity, the number of repetitions can be increased to 30.
  3. Exercises, in fact, can be any. It all depends on your goals. So, if you plan to get rid of extra pounds, then choose simple exercises that involve increased speed and intensity when performing. If your goal is building muscle, give preference to power loads.
  4. After each round, a short rest should follow. Its optimal duration is 15-30 seconds (the harder the exercise, the longer the rest, but not more than 30 seconds).
  5. Take a break after each lap. Rest for 1-3 minutes. If there are 5 exercises in a circle, then one minute is enough. But after 10 exercises, you can relax for three minutes, because you need to recuperate to continue training.
  6. Most often, one exercise affects only one group of muscles, which allows the muscles to work as intensively as possible. At the same time for each muscle group should have only one exercise.
  7. When performing one circle, all muscle groups should be involved as a result.
  8. It is best to conduct circular training every other day, that is 2 or 3 times a week. Daily workouts are harmful because the muscles need time to recover.
  9. The total duration of training should be 30-40 minutes. But beginners need to increase time gradually, otherwise serious health problems may arise.
  10. You can train at home. But if you want to pick up intense strength exercises, then they are most convenient to perform in the gym.
  11. Training is suitable for both women and men.

Advantages and disadvantages

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Is circular training useful? Sure, otherwise she would not be so popular. Here are its advantages:

  • Such training will increase the stamina of the body. After a month of regular classes, you will notice that you easily climb the stairs and do not notice the daily loads.
  • The exercises will strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. And if the heart and lungs work better, then the work of almost the whole organism is normalized and improved, because the heart and blood vessels provide blood supply to all tissues and organs, and the respiratory organs supply oxygen to the blood. With blood, oxygen is carried throughout all organs, systems, and tissues. So circuit training will help improve health.
  • This is an excellent workout for burning fat. The loads are intense, oxygen is being consumed actively, the muscles are working hard, the pulse is quickening. It is noteworthy that the fats continue to burn even after exercise. So this training option is just perfect for losing weight.
  • You will be able to strengthen muscles and make your body fit, prominent and beautiful. This is provided by repeated repetition and high intensity of all exercises.
  • Such training will significantly speed up the metabolism.Blood enriched with oxygen will circulate throughout the body at an accelerated pace, triggering all important processes. A normal metabolism - this is the first step towards a slim figure and good health.
  • You will notice how your appearance will change. By improving blood circulation and supplying all tissues with nutrients and oxygen, tissue regeneration processes are accelerated. Your skin will become beautiful, and fine wrinkles will disappear.

Now let's list the shortcomings. They are few, but still there are:

  • At first, circuit training can be exhausting and tiring. But such a problem can be avoided if the load is increased gradually. Do not strive to put everything to the maximum immediately, otherwise you will not achieve anything but fatigue and muscle pain.
  • There are contraindications. Since training in any case involves a load on the heart, blood vessels and respiratory organs, as well as an increase in pulse rate, in some cases, exercises can be dangerous. You should not risk people suffering from severe diseases of the cardiovascular system (tachycardia, angina, myocarditis, hypertension, and some others) and respiratory.But the load can be reduced, and the exercises can be chosen in such a way that the practitioner does not overwork. So if you have any health problems, consult your doctor.

How to make a training plan?

You will have a good tummy

It is best to train under the guidance of an experienced trainer, this will allow you to avoid mistakes and achieve maximum effect. So contact a specialist to find a set of exercises for you and give recommendations.

But here are a few general principles:

  • Training should begin with a warm-up, which will warm up and prepare the muscles. You can perform walking on the spot with a high rise of your knees or run.
  • To complete the workout you need a hitch. A sudden stop can damage the muscles. Again, walking on the spot is suitable.
  • Choose the exercises, taking into account your goals and wishes.
  • Make a circle in such a way that when performing two consecutive exercises, the same muscle groups are not involved.
  • If you choose strength training, it is extremely important to choose the right weight. It should be such that you can perform the necessary number of repetitions, but it is pretty tired.
  • If you are a novice and physically unprepared person, then the first week should be moderate. So, the duration of each exercise should be 20-30 seconds, the same should be a break. And the number of exercises in a circle should not exceed 4-5. Perform no more than 2-3 laps. Then every week (up to the fourth or fifth), increase the duration of one exercise by 5-10 seconds, and the number of exercises and circles - by 1. At the same time, the rest will be reduced to 20 seconds.

Exercise examples

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We offer you some effective exercises:

  • Squats. Place the feet on the width of the shoulders, hands on the waist. Squat at least 10 times.
  • Push ups. You need to perform at least 10 repetitions. If you find it difficult to push-ups with an emphasis on socks, then for a start you can lean on your knees.
  • Lie on your back, stretch your legs and join, place your hands along your body. Raise both legs so that they are at the end point perpendicular to the floor, then return to the starting position.
  • The falls. Stand up straight, connect the feet, and place your arms on your belt. Make a wide step forward with one foot, bend it in the knee, and touch the floor with the knee of the other leg.Return to the original position and repeat the exercise for the other leg.
  • Place your hands on your belt, spread your legs shoulder-width apart. Bend the torso first in one direction, then in the other.
  • Lie down on the floor, pick up dumbbells and spread them apart. On exhalation connect dumbbells, on inhalation again spread hands in the parties.
  • Rolls. Place your feet as far away from each other as possible, and place your hands on your belt. Now move to the right, bending the right leg and leaving the straight left. Then move to the left, bending the left leg.

Train effectively and correctly to achieve excellent results!

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