How to quench your thirst

When it is hot on the street, people are interested in how to quench their thirst quickly, what drinks to drink and what to drink with food. Let's talk about ways to help effectively fight thirst at home.

Thirst is an important human need. If you want to drink, a person forgets everything. And it is not surprising, because the human body is a kind of vessel with water.

  1. Drinking water. Without water, no organism can live normally. Water is the basis for most beverages. Water can not boast of smell and taste. Since the molecules have an ideal crystal lattice, the human body does not reject it. Water is a universal energy source, whose neutrality helps to wage an effective war against thirst.
  2. . This ancient drink is drunk by many earthlings. If in ancient times only the Chinese adored him, now tea is known all over the world. Tea perfectly quenches thirst. Nutritionists recommend drinking warm tea, even Puer will do.Black tea perfectly tones the body, while green tea saturates with some vitamins.
  3. Dairy. According to some people, milk quenches thirst better than plain water. Milk copes with the shortage of water in the body, is well absorbed and contains nutrients. It is not recommended to drink it only after eating, because it helps to reduce the secretion of gastric juice.
  4. Compotes, fruit drinks, lemonade and juices. Natural juices are popular with everyone. True, quench your thirst for juice will not work because of the sugar content in the composition. You can only tame her slightly. The effect of lemonade is similar. The only difference from natural juices is the increased harmfulness to the body.
  5. Alcoholic beverages and kvass. For example, cognac and vodka. To combat thirst, they are not the best option. In hot weather, they often buy kvass or beer. The effect of these drinks is short-lived. The body needs extra water to remove degradation products from the blood. Therefore, after a short period of time, it will be desirable to drink again.

You learned what drinks help quench your thirst.If you like the beginning, do not rush to escape, then expect detailed materials.

How to quench thirst during pregnancy

The share of water in the body accounts for about 70% weight. In the body of future mothers, this indicator is changing all the time. As a result, there is a feeling of thirst. How to quench thirst during pregnancy? This question is asked all women who are preparing to become mothers.

To begin, consider what kind of drinks it is better not to use during pregnancy. Then dwell on the options that quench thirst.

  1. During pregnancy, drinking coffee is not worth it. Otherwise, waiting for high blood pressure and heartburn.
  2. Does not recommend medicine to use and carbonated drinks. They often cause discomfort in the intestines.
  3. Alcohol is out of the question. Alcohol prevents the formation of the nervous system of the fetus.

Drink during pregnancy must quench your thirst, be useful to the fetus that is just being formed. Therefore, the choice should be approached carefully.

During pregnancy, the mother's body is stored with water, as amniotic fluid provides the baby with comfort.During this period, all processes are accelerated, and the kidneys and heart are subjected to titanic loads. Therefore, women are overtaken by thirst, increased salivation and dry mouth.

Doctors tell expectant mothers that excessive water consumption is harmful. True, the amount of life-giving moisture depends on the period. During the first trimester, a woman can consume up to 2.5 liters of water per day. Care is taken in the third trimester for drinks. During this period, the daily consumption rate is 1.5 liters. It should be noted that not only drinks, but also vegetables with fruits are a source of fluid for the body.

  1. During the first two semesters, you can drink compotes, jellies and juices. They perfectly quench thirst, but with ordinary water can not be compared. That it is the most effective tool.
  2. After the last trimester, the drinking regimen is given special attention. During this period, it is recommended to use dairy products.
  3. A week before giving birth it is recommended to fight thirst with a decoction of flaxseeds. Cooking decoction is easy. On a cup of water take a spoonful of seeds.
  4. On the day when there are fights, it is recommended to drink tea from raspberries, lemon balm, currants or mint. Broth helps to calm down and relax.

You learned how to quench your thirst during pregnancy.If you are destined to become a mother soon, be sure to check with your doctor. His advice will help to cope with thirst without harm to the baby.

How to quench your thirst in the heat

Drinking tap on the street of Barcelona

Thirst is the younger sister of summer. In the summer heat, people constantly feel thirsty, because under conditions of high temperature the body quickly loses moisture, which acts as a guarantee of normal operation.

For this reason, it is necessary to use liquid to replenish the liquid reserve. For an adult, the daily rate in summer is 3 liters. Children need to drink less, but their bodies are not so big.

Not every summer drink is useful. Let's talk about how to quench your thirst in the heat and select the most effective options.

  1. . According to doctors, the best way to fight thirst in the summer is simple water. Fruit and carbonated drinks in the fight against thirst are powerless. On the contrary, they multiply it. The composition of high-calorie drinks includes dyes. Therefore, people who are on a diet are not suitable. Plain water also helps to save.
  2. Mineral water. As practice shows, powerless against heat and mineral water. It consists of salts and various trace elements, the excessive consumption of which leads to dry mouth.
  3. Compotes and fruit drinks. A great alternative to shopping drinks.Nutritionists claim that the heat must be fought with compotes, fruit drinks, green tea and lemon water prepared at home.
  4. Lemon water. Produces a wonderful refreshing effect. It contains citric acid, which increases salivation and vitamin "C", which has a beneficial effect on the immune system. To prepare lemon water, in 2 liters of water, dilute the juice of 4 lemons with two tablespoons of honey. To enhance the cooling effect will help the ice cubes and mint leaves. Insist such water for several hours and then drink.
  5. Green tea. Drink taken to drink in the heat in a cold and hot. It reduces body temperature, stimulates sweating, refreshes, and protects against UV light.
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If you are thirsty, get one of these drinks. He will chase her away and his well-being will improve significantly.

How to quench thirst after salty

Fresh pomegranate against thirst

In the hot season, thirst is a common attack. And it is not surprising, because there is a high temperature outside. This does not mean that it cannot overtake, for example, in the middle of winter, especially if you had some salted salmon for dinner.

If you are in such a situation, most likely, is interested in how to quench your thirst after a salty. I will share my personal opinion and tell you how to overcome this attack.

  1. A quarter of an hour after drinking salty drink a cup of strong tea. Tea should not contain fruit fillers and additives. Suitable herbal tea.
  2. In this situation, refrain from drinking juices and carbonated drinks. They will exacerbate the situation because they contain chemical additives.
  3. Fermented milk products and milk will not work. Perhaps they will relieve thirst for half an hour, but after this period of time a feeling of dryness will appear.
  4. Perfect weapon against thirst after salt is considered to be drinking water without carbon dioxide. More specifically, soda is not suitable.

If the feeling of thirst gives you discomfort, use the tips.

5 anti-thirst drinks

How to quench your thirst quickly

After the onset of heat, the fight against thirst becomes the most pressing issue. To overcome this seasonal misfortune is possible to those people who know the right ways.

Thirst is slightly reminiscent of an overheated car. Its appearance should be expected after a decrease in the body's fluid reserve under the influence of heat, because in such conditions the body sweats a lot.

Moisture evaporates during respiration and from the skin. As soon as the amount of fluid in the body decreases, he begins to draw it from the saliva. As a result, the mouth becomes rough and dries completely.

In such a situation, it is necessary to fill the liquid reserve. Otherwise, expect a headache, weakness and fatigue. Further dehydration can lead to dizziness and severe disorders.

How to fight thirst fast? Very effective in this matter, soft drinks, which include the components that hold the fluid in the body - organic acids and potassium salts. Just drink cold drinks in the heat is not recommended. Otherwise, instead of thirst, catch cold or sore throat.

  1. Nectar. Nectar is not a cheap variety of juice. Good nectar is produced from fruits, from which it is not possible to completely squeeze the juice. These are pears, peaches and apricots. Raw materials are initially mashed, and then diluted with water according to a special recipe.
  2. . Only fresh juices help. Refuse from the use of concentrates.
  3. . The juice from the berries is slightly sweetened and diluted with water.For the manufacture of fruit juice use raspberries, red currants, lingonberries, bird cherry and cranberries. At the heart of modern Morse is unfermented berry juice. In the old days, it was made from berry pulp, which, after boiling, was passed through a sieve and sugar was added. The result was a low alcohol drink.
  4. . The most popular tool for eliminating thirst. Some make kvass at home, while others buy in shops. If you prefer the store option, buy one that consists of yeast, wort, sugar and water. Other products - kvass drinks.
  5. . In the hot season, doctors recommend drinking green tea with lemon, which will reduce body temperature, energize the body and help you forget about the feeling of thirst.

Some do not like the drinks listed, then only pure water will save from thirst.

I finish the story, in which I told how to quench my thirst. If you already know how to deal with the scourge at home, read how to properly use the liquid in heat conditions.

To begin with, give up cold drinks in large quantities. Drink in small portions after a certain period of time.Drink most liquids at the beginning of the day. As a result, create a supply of water in the body.

If you suffer from severe thirst, rinse the mouth with a little salted water. And from excessive consumption of fluid refuse. Excess water will cause additional stress on the body.

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