Door locks: selection and repair

A secure front door is a guarantee of security, protecting our home from unauthorized intrusions. At the same time, the security of our house depends not only on the quality of the door leaf itself, but also on the correctly selected reliable locking mechanism and preferably not one, but several. And since everyone cares about the safety of their property, you should not save on locks, and choose one that will ensure maximum reliability and protection.

Choice Principles

Locks can be different - there is a wide range on the market, from ordinary cut-outs and overheads to mechanisms with electronic protection, etc. At the same time, choosing a suitable locking mechanism for your house, you need to be guided by several basic principles.

First, it’s better to buy one good lock than two or three bad ones. In this case, you should buy different designs of locks, but not the same. It should be remembered that the use of low-quality locks is fraught with not only their break-ins, but also a permanent failure and the need for regular repairs.

Secondly, before you change the locks, you need to install a quality and reliable door - according to statistics, the Chinese entrance armored doors, whose steel sheets are easily deformable, are often broken, because it is much easier to do than mess with a complicated locking mechanism.

Thirdly, you should buy a lock from a reliable manufacturer responsible for the quality of its products.

Lock repair

No matter how good and quality the lock you bought, but over time it can break down - due to the wear of certain parts, due to careless handling or deliberate damage. What to do if the lock broke? Spend a tidy sum to buy a new one and replace it, or call a master who will quickly and efficiently repair it? The answer is obvious - not everyone can afford to invest in a new quality lock, while professional repair will cost an order of magnitude less, and the locking mechanism after such repairs will work just as well as the new one.

A reliable company that repairs the locks in St. Petersburg is the company Golden Key, which employs professional masters who can not only repair any locking mechanism, but also open the lock if you lose the keys.

By entrusting the repair of a broken lock to a professional, you will avoid many troubles - damage to the door leaf or the locking mechanism itself. In this case, you will save time and money, because a qualified master knows all about modern locking mechanisms and can quickly repair any breakage.

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