Dolls that have become more popular than the classic Barbie - Monster High

The animated series about the School of Monsters, the dolls of Monster High and everything connected with them, is now at the peak of popularity. The whole girlish world from 3 to 12 years of age went mad with beautiful vampires, daughters of a werewolf and other Miaulodii. Charming monsters, who know a lot about make-up and stylish outfits, have replaced the outdated Barbie, whose name is now very few people remember, and in fact it was the prototype of these dolls. Mattel, a toy maker that produces the series, produces several dozen variations of Monster High dolls. Little fans of monsters can enjoy plenty of exciting game in the School of Monsters. And their parents can find out the prices of Monster High dolls at

On the site you will find the most reasonable prices for all these products: single dolls, themed series, collections of shoes and accessories.For example, buying not one doll, but Claudine and her sister Houline Wolfe set, you will save a lot, and for each subsequent purchase you will receive a 10% discount. Luxury dolls of the highest quality will please your little princess and give her many hours of fun games and exciting communication with contemporaries, because now Monsters High Monstress girls are the most urgent topic on playgrounds and on the Internet. The site of the dolls is truly huge. In addition to the super popular heroines - Draculors, Claudine Woolf, and others - you will also find lesser known characters here. For example, Headmaster of the school Bloodgood, who wears her own head in her hands and loves her bright blue horse-shadow named Nightmare very much. Or the beautiful Chinese woman Jinafayer Long from the Paris City of Fears series. Favorable prices and discounts are also presented on sets of various accessories and other related products. For example, it is quite inexpensive to purchase a whole room for a party with the Spectra Wondergeist doll. The set itself includes a hall festively decorated with a web in the spirit of monsters, a gold stand for a DJ, a high chair, coffin columns and a luxurious stage for performances.Of course, in this case it is necessary to drink a real "monstrous" cocktail; glasses with bat wings are attached. With such a set, the party will be a success. You can invite all your friends. Little Monster High dolls fans will love it. And their parents will not only be able to save money, but also order dolls online with delivery, which also provides discounts. When buying in the amount of 301 UAH, delivery in Kiev and Ukraine is free. And if some product is not available, you can order it.

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