Do you know how to breed bamboo?

This tropical plant has long won the hearts of many fans of the flora. Refined and brittle-looking, but very sturdy, helical stalkbambooIt is an excellent complement to the green corner of a modern apartment interior, in which elements of bamboo wood can be present and not only. Despite their humid and warm climate, reproduction is quite capablebambooat home, if you create the necessary environment for this.

How to propagate bamboo

So, let's begin:

1 As for many plants, a suitable breeding seasonbamboois spring. It is worth noting that giving a bamboo this form occurs artificially by placing the trunk in a twisted stick, in which the bamboo takes on its interesting form. As shootsbambooappear in the form of foliage, then in order to grow a "twisted wand", you should try pretty hard.

2. Reproduction of such exotics occurs by root division. Because the rootsbamboohard enough, it is better to use an improvised tool to make the landing process more successful. You can also propagate the bamboo by cutting off the shoot from the parent trunk and placing it in water or soil.


3. As a soil, bamboo is not whimsical, moreover, its growth in water is much more successful. But in order to provide it with necessary nutrition, it is recommended to periodically enrich the soil or water with minerals.

4. Bamboo is a moisture-loving plant, not only in terms of watering, but also in terms of air condition (humidity). Therefore, it is necessary to water bamboo daily, but taking into account the season of the year and its condition. To understand the needsbambooIt is worth paying attention to him, what exactly he needs. With insufficient soil moisture, leavesbamboobegin to curl, and with excessive sag. A good tool for creating optimal environmental conditionsbamboois automatic or manual spraying of water, which creates the increased moisture needed by the plant.

5. Since bamboo is a plant of the tropics, sunlight is vital for it. Given the rapid growth and reproductionbamboo, it is worth choosing a volume pot for landing. Another thing, when it is assumed frequent seating and croppingbamboo. In this case, under its shape, you can pick up an original and miniature vessel.

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