Do not rush to throw away the broken pieces of the cups: make a unique element of decor

Dishes fights with enviable consistency, especially when there are children in the house. Do not rush to throw away the broken pieces of cups, drinking cups or plates. A little effort, and they can turn into a unique element of decor. Decorated with mosaic furniture looks original and self-sufficient.

The broken dishes in the caring hands have a chance for a second life.

After verifying how original the result may be, there will certainly be those who want to turn into fragments the remains of old sets that have been standing in sideboards for years.

To create a mosaic will need:

  • fragments or dishes with a pattern that can be donated;
  • sponge or large primer brush;
  • self-adhesive or double sided tape;
  • a hammer or nippers and a stationery knife;
  • old clothes made of durable fabric.

We start with the grinding of the fragments to the desired size or the battle of dishes. The easiest way is to wrap the plate with unnecessary clothes and hit it with a hammer.

For convenience, we take a piece of adhesive, give it the desired shape.

Draw the outline of the pattern.

We make cuts in a protective film to release the adhesive layer.

Releasing the fragment behind the fragment, lay out the mosaic on the glue base.

After the pattern is folded, fill all the gaps with a primer.

It remains only to get rid of excess primer and allow it to dry.

It's definitely not like an old plate!

Having mastered this technique, it is easy to do unique design things.

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