Do not know where to relax? Go to Ibiza

If you want to “break away to the fullest” and take a break from everyday life, be sure to go to the island of parties and parties - Ibiza. But in order to remember the rest for the rest of your life, find out everything in advance and think it over.

What is this island?

Ibiza is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, belonging to the small archipelago of the Balearic Islands, which belong to the territory of Spain. But Ibiza is not quite the Spain, which many used to represent it. This is a real island of eternal celebration and parties!


The history of this island is believed to go back in the year 654. At that time, Phoenician colonists founded a port here, calling it Ibossim. Then, under the influence of the Roman Empire, the name was slightly transformed, and the port began to be called Ebusus. And even later, the island became one of the largest shopping centers of the Mediterranean, so that people from all over the world came here already in those distant times.

The capital of the island has the same name as the island itself, but many call it not Ibiza, and Ivica, although Spanish pronunciation suggests the first option.


If you want to know when it is better to go to Ibiza, then the best time to rest on this island is summer. From June to September it is very warm here, but not hot. Temperatures usually range between 26-28 degrees and rarely rise above 30 degrees. The sun shines here almost all year round, there are very few rainy days.

Romantic place

But winter here though and relatively warm, but not suitable for recreation and the more so swimming, since the temperature averages 10-15 degrees. The air here is moderately moist. In general, a great place!

How to get there?

Since Ibiza is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea, you can only get here by plane. There are no direct flights to the island itself, at least regular ones (if you wish, you can find a charter flight). Most often flights are carried out through Germany or Spain. Then also by plane you can fly from Madrid to Ibiza. Total travel time will not exceed 6-7 hours.

There are great sunsets

Visa regime

Since the island belongs to the Spanish territory, a visa is required to arrive here.But it is easy to get it, you just need to contact the Embassy of Spain and provide the following documents:

  • international passport;
  • photocopies of all pages of the passport;
  • copies of all pages of the passport of the state in which you live;
  • color photo size 3,5x4,5 (without corners);
  • certificate from the place of work or place of study (for schoolchildren and students);
  • a completed application form (you will be given it at the embassy itself);
  • a photocopy of a bank card with an account statement or a certificate of currency purchase (at least 50 euros should be accounted for one day of stay in the country).

The cost of a visa is about 85-90 euros, but in case of refusal of entry, the fee is not refundable. All documents must be submitted no later than two weeks before the trip.

Transport on the island

In Ibiza, you can travel by public transport, that is, by buses that take you from the capital of the island to any resort corner. This option is the most budget. If you prefer comfort, then take a taxi, but for this you have to pay a considerable amount. If you decide to go to another island, you can take a boat trip.

Where to stay?

Problems with housing should arise. First, you can find a hotel and book a room. On the island there are many hotels of various categories: from simple to comfortable with an all-inclusive system. In total, Ibiza can accommodate about 90 thousand visitors.

Cute ibiza

But if you want to save money, you can rent a house, apartment or room from local residents, it is inexpensive. Numerous guest houses are also available. The conditions here, of course, are not the same as in hotels, but you’re not coming here to spend a day in the room, are you?

What's so interesting?

What to see a tourist on this island holiday? Here are the sights and interesting places available here:

  • The monument "Egg" is located in San Antoni and was erected in honor of the famous traveler Christopher Columbus (according to one of the versions, he was born here).
  • Salt fields Las Salinos. These are salt extraction fields that have been in operation for about 2,000 years. By the way, before the main income the island received precisely through salt mining.
  • Cala Portinatt is a secluded resort area, hidden behind rocks and fenced from the open sea.Here you can enjoy the resort life at 100%!
  • Cave Cave de Sante Ines. It is located in a place called Santa Ines. In 1907, a real underground chapel, weapons of ancient Arabs, and fragments of dishes and pottery were discovered in this cave.
  • You can also visit the Punic Necropolis - the city of the dead or, in other words, an ancient cemetery, which was discovered by chance.

Beach holiday

Crowd place

Holidays in Ibiza can not be imagined without the beaches. They are the most important attraction, as well as the calling card of the island. By the way, these beaches are considered among the cleanest in the world. All of them will delight you with snow-white and warm sand, crystal clear water and the warm rays of the sun. Here are the largest beaches:

  • An-Bossa is the longest beach of the island, the total length of which is more than 2 kilometers. There are many bars, cafes and restaurants.
  • Talamanca. It is shallow and there is no place to hide from the sun, but it is incredibly beautiful.
  • Figueretas is a city beach, characterized by comfort. There is everything for both family and outdoor activities.
  • Benirras is, perhaps, the most beautiful and the most visited beach of the island.
  • Cavallet - the official nudist beach, hidden behind thickets of pines and juniper.

Things to do?

Ride on the Yacht

There are plenty of entertainment options in Ibiza:

  • Be sure to visit island parties! Club life here, as a rule, begins in the late evening and ends only in the morning. Ibiza has an incredible number of clubs! Here are the largest and most popular: “Pacha”, “Space”, “Amnesia”, “Eden”, “Es Paradis”, “El Divino”. Some clubs can simultaneously accommodate up to several thousand visitors! And in others the real enchanting shows take place every day. But immediately it is worth noting that club rest is incredibly expensive!
  • Enjoy the scenery and nature. The island has many picturesque forests, walks through which will give you pleasure. In addition, by all means enjoy the sunset, it is very beautiful here!
  • Be sure to enter the hippie market. There are two of them here, so set aside a day and get some interesting things for yourself and your family and friends.
  • Diving. The underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea is very beautiful, amazing and rich, be sure to dive into it.
  • You can go on a trip.
  • Be sure to go to the cafe and try Mediterranean dishes.

Cost of

Prices for tours range from 30 to 100 thousand for 7 days per person. But you also need to take a sufficient amount of cash with you.


There are a lot of night clubs

Reviews on holiday on the island are mostly positive. But many complain that at the height of the season there are many queues, and the prices are unjustifiably and strongly overestimated.

Excellent and memorable holiday to you!

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