Do-it-yourself kitchen furniture boards

When arranging an apartment, you have to answer thousands of questions, and one of the main things is: how to choose a kitchen? It is not only about the style and color of furniture, but also the material, texture, design features. This issue is of particular relevance if the premises are not of the standard shapes and sizes, and often it is simply impossible to find the perfect kitchen, and making an order is expensive.

In this case, there is an optimal solution - to make a kitchen out of furniture panels with your own hands.Why is this material chosen?Simply because the wood was and remains the most popular raw material for furniture production, because it is practical, environmentally friendly and highly decorative. In addition, working with furniture panels does not require extensive experience and special skills.

Advantages of hand-made furniture

  • The ability to design a kitchen, taking into account the size and architectural features of the room.
  • Getting carpentry experience.
  • Significant cash savings.

In addition, modeling and self-production of furniture is a pleasure from both the process and the result, since you get truly exclusive high-quality products.

Stage 1. Design

The first (and main) step towards the assembly of kitchen furniture isproject development. Remember the saying “measure seven times, cut once”? This is exactly the case - at the design stage you need to take into account all the details, think over all the little things.

It is important not only to determine the number of tables, shelves, cabinets and other pieces of furniture, but also to detail each element of the kitchen interior, given its shape, size, as well as the future location and design features. In addition, it is necessary to prepare a common design project that combines all the furnishings.

Drawingsof the kitchen from furniture panels are the most important "documents",on the basis of which you can assemble beautiful and high-quality furniture with your own hands, so their development should be given special attention.

Stage 2. Preparing Materials

After careful design, you should purchase raw materials and prepare the necessary tools. The main item on the shopping list is a furniture panel, which is a wooden sheet consisting of glued together lamellae.

One of the best materials for making furniture islarch wood- it is cheaper than cedar, beech and oak, but it is almost as good as practical and decorative. Furniture furniture made of pine will become a more budget material - it loses a bit of larch in strength properties, but it is distinguished by rich colors and a beautiful natural pattern.

It should be added that the furniture board should be bought directly from the manufacturer, which guarantees an optimal price / quality ratio. One of the leaders in the production and sale of wooden shields and other wood products is Angara Plus, which sells building materials throughout Russia -

In addition to the furniture board, you need to purchase:

  • timber for the assembly of furniture frames;
  • PVA glue for bonding parts;
  • shelving material - glass, plywood or wood;
  • sanding paper for grinding;
  • fittings - hinges, knobs, etc.
  • fasteners;
  • varnish for finishing.

Step 3. Build

Works on the installation of the kitchen of furniture panels with their own hands - this is a time-consuming process that requires patience, accuracy and a lot of free time.

To make the kitchen quality and beautiful, you need to followseveral important rules:

  • Strictly follow the design project.
  • To ensure the rigidity of the frameworks of furniture, cut the ends of the timber at an angle of 45 ° C and connect them with glue or metal corners.
  • For the trimming of the side and front parts of the furniture, use wooden boards with a thickness of 25 mm, and for the back walls, use 18 mm.

A kitchen made of furniture panels is not just an opportunity to create exclusive furniture on an individual project, but also an excellent chance to save a lot when arranging an apartment. Good luck!

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