Handmade Paper Piggy

Today we will make charming pink pigs from scrap materials. Long summer days are a wonderful time not only for outdoor games, but also for creativity. And in order to make creative work more useful, they can be carried out right on the street - for example, on the veranda of a country house.

Invite the children to create their own farm, for which they will need to have different animals. And the first thing we will go for the fun pink-cheeked piglets, which we make out of paper and disposable plates.

 do-it-yourself gilt pig

gilt do-it-yourself

The craft paper pig is good that is made with minimal time and minimal participation of an adult. All you need is to organize the workflow and manage it.

To make one piglet, you need to prepare in advance:

  • a disposable plate;
  • two cardboard cylinders from toilet paper;
  • white paper;
  • piece (cell) of cardboard packaging foreggs;
  • toy eyes;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • pink felt-tip pen;
  • pink paint and brush.

Getting started.

The plate, the egg packaging box and the toilet paper rolls are painted pink. You can mix white and red paint to achieve the desired shade.

 Paint the plate

Paint the plate

Cut two triangles from paper with slightly rounded corners - get ears. They are also painted in pink. You can use pink colored paper or cardboard.

When the paint dries, glue on the plate the cell from the package for eggs - like a penny.

Next, glue the eyes and ears.

We paint the tubes

Paint the tubes

 Sticking eyes and ears

Sticking eyes and ears

On cardboard cylinders we make shallow cuts, into which we insert eat our plate. Cylinders turn into piglet legs.

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