"Two" and another 5 cool serials of September

In September, a new television season begins, projects are returning, to which the audience has already become attached to the heart, new series begin. We chose what we ourselves will watch in early fall.

"American Horror Story"

Since September 5

“American Horror Story” is in many ways an innovative series, which every season prepares some surprises. The seventh season, the creators have devoted another burning issue of the US presidential election. More detailed details, as always, are kept secret. It is only known that the actors Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, without which there is not a single season of American Horror Story, will reappear on the screen.


Since September 10

David Simon's eight-part drama is dedicated to the flourishing of the porn industry on 42nd Street in New York in the 70s. James Franco plays two roles at once: brothers-porn moguls Vincent and Frankie Martino, both with retrousiki. Franco also directed a couple of episodes, Michelle Maclaren and Roxanne Dawson are responsible for the others.

A pilot series has already been laid out in Amediatek in which Margarita Levieva plays a sexy linguistic student, and Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a prostitute with ambitions. But the main character of the series is New York of the 70s with his freaks, drug addicts, pimps, solitude and the dawn sun cutting through the street in half.

"Little Sheldon"

September 21

The spin-off of the Big Bang Theory series is dedicated to the childhood years of the cutest television geek Sheldon Cooper. Baby Sheldon is only nine, but he is already in high school and recites pieces from encyclopedias. Choosing the lead role of Ian Armitage, whom we recently saw in the series “Big Little Lie”, is a great success for the project. Baby Ian is so accustomed to the role that it is easy to imagine how this boy grows up in Jim Parson. The first series was shot by John Favreau.

"Good Doctor"

Since September, 25th

David Shore, who invented "Doctor House," introduces another medical hero into this world. Sean Murphy is a talented surgeon, a unique diagnostician and ... autistic. A young doctor suffers from Savant syndrome, when some developmental disorders and difficult communication functions are combined with genius in any areas. Sean is a genius of medicine, but he does not look like an ordinary doctor.The main role played by the British Freddie Highmore, the same Charlie from the "chocolate factory" Tim Burton.

"I, too, and I again"

Since September, 25th

An instructive and rather funny television series with three actors in one leading role. “I, too, and I again” - an unusual approach to the genre of the family sitcom. The life of the protagonist Alex Riley is considered at once in three time phases: in childhood, adulthood and old age. The events of Alex’s life are intertwined with each other, and what happened in childhood influences fate in his later years.


From September 29

ABC channel series on the same-named comic (Inhumans) Marvel, dedicated to the race of supermen with superpowers. They left Earth long ago, but when a military coup is brewing, the royal family of supermen is forced to return. The series is interesting at least two participants. The first is Ivan Reon, whom everyone knows as the bastard-psychopath Ramsey Bolton. His new hero, Maximus, is not as impulsive as Ramsey, but he is still an intriguer. The second hero is the huge Bulldog Lockjo, which has the ability to teleport.

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