Designer set of leather and pebbles

In the world of jewelry a huge number of copies for every taste. But especially valued jewelry made with his own hands. Today I want to share with you the technology of making leather necklaces and bracelets. The costs of time and finance are minimal. So let's prepare materials and tools, and get down to work. To make a headset, we need: - pieces of leather or a substitute; - pellets (we also call them pebbles); - beads; - cardboard; - black cord; - cardboard basis for towels; - mother-of-pearl paints (I used the budget option - nail polish); - silicone glue;
- double-sided tape; - acrylic lacquer. The first step is to prepare the pebbles - clean, rinse under running water and degrease.
 prepare pebbles
If you wish, you can apply hieroglyphs on large stones with a marker. The photo shows how to do it,but I didn’t really like the final result, so at the end of the work I painted them over.
 put hieroglyphs
According to the shape of the pellet, cut a piece of leather 1 - 1.5 cm larger. You can glue the pebbles on the skin with silicone glue and then cut it out.
 cut a piece of leather
Cut a strip of leather 1 cm wide, fold it in half and glue. As a result, we get a leather lace, which you need to glue around the stone, making a side. If you have very flat pellets, then the cord needs to be made thinner. The side should not be higher than the stone. The tip of the lace do not rush to cut.
Cut the strips of leather
We paste beads next to the pebbles.
paste the beads
Free tip lace (continued from the circumference of the stone) circle the "snake" around the beads. With the help of silver nail polish and toothpicks (or a thin brush) apply chaotic patterns on the skin.
 The free tip of the lace
The shape of the leather blanks cut the cardboard. cut out the cardboard
Paste the cardboard on the lining. Glue the cardboard on the lining Wrap the edges of the lining on the cardboard and also glue it - this is our foundation. The black cord is cut into 4 pieces with a length of 60 cm. Then on the base, greased with glue, we attach the cord.  we apply the cord And glue our beautiful, leather blanks on top.
glued on top
Here's what we got.
 we did it
We cut off a strip of leather length 30 cm and 4 cm wide. We cut along the entire length (from the upper left corner to the lower right corner) and get two long triangles. On the edge of the wide edge, put the spoke and twist it. It should be such a bead.
tying knots
On two sides of the bead we tie knots. Slightly further (approximately at a distance of 5–7 cm) there is one more node and at the ends still along the node.The loose ends of the flat knot macrame. Top the finished product with varnish and allow to dry.  proceed to the production of the bracelet Now proceed to the production of the bracelet. I took the base for kitchen towels, cut off two rings with a height of 5 cm and cut them on one side.  Using two-sided scotch Using two-sided scotch adjust the size of the bracelet.
 We paste leather on the bracelet
We paste the leather on the outside and inside of the bracelet. Glue the stones and decorate them on the principle of necklaces. We varnish it, let it dry, and we get such a headset.
 Sticking stones
I hope you enjoyed my work. Such a product will help you look fashionable and unique.
 Designer leather and pebble set

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