Defects and marriage of tomato juice

Defects and marriage of tomato juiceDefects and marriage of tomato juice. During storage, finished products lose their presentation due to delamination, browning and bacterial deterioration.


The juice stratification is affected by the rate of heating of the tomato mass after crushing: for example, when heated slowly for 60 s to 50-60 ° C, the enzymes that break down pectin are activated and the resulting juice will have a low viscosity and delamination ability. In addition, for grinding suspended particles of pulp to very small sizes, at which the forces of their mutual attraction are equal to the force of gravity, the juice is recommended to be homogenized.


Darkening of the juice is caused by prolonged heat treatment, which contributes to the formation of dark-colored compounds - melanoidins, caramelization of sugars, as well as the interaction of tannin with iron salts.


Bacterial spoilage of tomato juice that has undergone high-temperature processing may be caused by pathogens of specific spoilage - heat-resistant butyric acid bacteria - clostridium butyricum.Developing in the product, they lead to bombing, destroying vitamins, sugars and other nutrients. The emergence of microbial spoilage is a consequence of violation of sanita discipline and technological parameters of washing (raw materials, packaging), heating and pasteurization.


The use of waste. Waste from the extractor, centrifuges and wiping machines are boiled down at a temperature of 96 ± 2 ° C using the steam contact method for 3-5 minutes in screw-type evaporators or boilers of other systems. Then they are fed to a screw-type scraper type VSSSH for separating the liquid phase-juice. Finally used waste is used on presses of PND-I or K1-VPS-20 type.


The juice obtained from the steamer and the press is fed to the finish in a wiping machine with a hole diameter of 0.4 mm and sent to the production line of concentrated tomato products.

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