Decorating windows for the New Year 2018 do-it-yourself in kindergarten, school and home of paper and paints on glass: stencils and patterns

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What to think up the decoration of windows for the New Year 2018? Where to find suitable templates and stencils? How to download them for free and print on a printer? All these questions arise long before the start of the winter holidays. And this is correct, because it is necessary to prepare for celebrations in advance and think over how to decorate glasses in kindergarten, school or at home is also better in advance. This will find the most successful options for decor and harmoniously fit them into the overall design of the room. You can create beautiful decorations from paper or paint glass with bright colors or combine both ways and turn room and balcony windows into an unusual and catchy piece of art.

Simple paper decorations do-it-yourself for windows in kindergarten for the New Year

Spectacular, but at the same time, simple paper decorations made with hands for windows in kindergarten for the New Year will create a truly festive atmosphere in the room and will give the kids a lot of pleasant emotions.

To create a decor, you need to cut out snowflakes of different sizes from white office paper in advance and then glue them to the windows with soap solution. This kind of decoration will turn out to be original, it will perfectly adhere to the glass, and then it will easily and quickly come off, leaving practically no trace on the smooth surface.

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Snowflakes can be placed randomly on the window or folded together with some kind of general pattern, for example, a Christmas tree.

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Snowflakes cut out of paper and strung on thin, long white threads will look just as beautiful. Such decorations are appropriate to hang in front of the window frames. From the slightest draft, the products will move, creating the effect of a fairy-tale snowfall going directly into the playroom.

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Another successful version of the New Year's decoration for windows, which the children will quietly do with their own hands under the guidance of educators, is a paper garland.To create here will be useful durable twisted cord of silver color, white cardboard, paper and paint with glitter. Snowflakes and New Year's balls will need to be cut with scissors and attached to the main string for strings or braid, and already completely stretched between the windows, wrapping for beauty with shiny decorative beads.

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Despite the simplicity, New Year paper decorations will turn out to be very unusual and will turn gaming and bedroom rooms into elegant rooms, which are no longer a kindergarten, but a winter palace inhabited by fairies and other magical characters.

Spectacular decoration of windows for the New Year at school - templates and stencils for download

Below the presented templates and stencils for free download will help to organize spectacular decoration of windows for the New Year in school. The main work on decorating glasses should be entrusted to students. They will be pleased to choose their own style of festive decoration for their class, and then apply their own hands to the windows.

Variants of stencils and templates for decoration of windows in the school in honor of the New Year

The bell is a very good template for decorating windows in the lower grades.The teacher will download it in advance and print it out on the printer, while the children will use the brush, paint or toothpaste to transfer the image onto the glass. Moreover, it is possible to use stencils for the main windows, providing for the location of the bells in the center, and decorating the side windows with an angular pattern. Then the whole composition will turn out and the facade of the class from the street will look especially harmonious.

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In the higher grades with the guys, it is worthwhile to depict a genre composition of several heroes or new year characters on the windows. Children sorting presents near the Christmas tree, a snowman walking in the woods, or Santa Claus rushing over the city in a sleigh drawn by reindeer - all these plots transferred to window glass with the help of templates will perfectly complement the New Year's design of the classroom and make it more vivid, original and colorful.

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If there is a desire to combine elements of the New Year and the upcoming Christmas holidays in the festive decor, it makes sense to use templates and stencils with angels.

Stencil - ANGEL and Christmas Tree on a cloud - DECORATIONS-pendants cut out of paper for Christmas, New Year!

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They can be placed on several central windows, and side ones can be decorated with such traditional winter attributes as snowflakes and Christmas tree decorations.

Do-it-yourself house window decoration for the New Year - how to make a drawing on glass

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The question of how to make a drawing on glass always arises when there is a desire to create an unusual decoration of the windows of a house for the New Year with your own hands. In fact, the task is not at all difficult and quite capable of even those who do not have pronounced artistic talents. To create a beautiful image, you can use a ready-made template or make your own outline drawing on glass, and then paint it according to your taste. If a line or stroke seems unsuccessful, the work is very easy to tweak a little. To do this, it is enough to wet the sponge in water, gently wipe off excess parts and paint more attractive ones instead.

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