Day of the city with the stars of the first magnitude

Dmitry Nagiyev, Polina Gagarin, Valeriy Meladze, Stas Piekha - this is only a part of popular artists who will be seen and heard by the Urals people during the celebration of the 294th anniversary of Ekaterinburg on August 19. Woman`s Day will tell you where and when to look for them. And what other spectacular events worth visiting on this day!

City festival of flowers "Reserve Garden"

Day of the city of Yekaterinburg 2016, photo
Photo: Irina Smolyanaya

10.00–15.00, playground at the Drama Theater (October Square)

Free admission

Traditional ball-fair of flowers, where you can buy seedlings and seeds, as well as a variety of flowers. The final of the holiday is a flower show: the best florists of the city will compete with each other, creating flower dresses. Female models, dressed in floral dresses, will defile among the guests.


Ski Racing Championship

Anton Shipulin on roller skaters, photo
Anton Shipulin on roller skaters
Photo: @anton_shipulin

10.00-15.00, October Square

Registration fee for participants: from 200-300 rubles.

This year the competition has changed the format.Instead of a super sprint of 100 meters, a real race will take place, in which the winner will be determined by the greatest amount of points. The competition will be attended by world stars of ski racing and biathlon, champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games: Anton Shipulin, Alexey Volkov, Yevgeny Dementyev and Ivan Alypov. All competitors at the time of the race will be provided with roller skis with both NNN and SNS bindings. Registration is available at.

International Cat Show

Cat Show, photo
Photo: Gettyimages

10.00–18.00, WTCE (44d, Kuibyshev St., tel. 310–02–03)

Free admission

The exhibition "City Cats" on the day of the city will be held for the eleventh time. Traditionally, it will go two days - August 19 and 20. Between themselves, bright, dark, red cats will compete. Cats of the Old, the New World and the "native". A separate nomination will be held for unusual cats and for rare breeds. There will also be Russian and Oriental breeds presented ... Just a paradise for "cat-lovers".

Á la carte food festival

Á la carte food festival, photo
Photo: Food Festival Á la carte

11.00−22.00, the site near the metro station “Ploshchad 1905 goda” (March 8 st.)

Free admission

The central street of the city will turn into a world map. Guests can visit about a dozen countries in one day.Each country will offer visitors national dishes, as well as national entertainment. In the zone of France, air croissants and lavender lemonade, lectures by fashionable beauty bloggers or photos with charming memes are waiting for visitors. Squash and a great English tea party will continue all day in the UK zone. Italy will delight pizza and pasta, and from entertainment - the game "Big Mafia". There will be many countries: the USA, Japan, China, India, Russia ... The entertainment program on the festival stage will also be interesting: cover bands, dance and vocal groups and incendiary presenters.

Eco-festival "Dream City"

Playground at KKT "Cosmos", photo
Platform at the CCP "Cosmos"
Photo: Telesem Archive

11.00–22.30, CCP “Cosmos” (2 Dzerzhinsky St., tel. 378−27−82)

Free admission

The festival program includes giant art objects from street artists, an eco-laboratory and master classes, food court and fair, live music, dancing flash mobs, games for the whole family and much more!

Exhibition of vintage cars

Club "Avtoretro" photo
Photo: Avtoretro Club

11.00–13.00, Lenin Avenue, the bridge over Plotinka

Free admission

The exhibits will be provided by the club “Avtotro” named after Anatoly Volkov.Cars of Soviet and American production from the beginning of the 20th century will be presented. Among the exhibition samples you can find real and rare masterpieces that any connoisseur of beauty, history and design will appreciate.

Russian Autosound and Tuning Championship

Championship of Russia on car audio and tuning, photo
Photo: Russian Autosound and Tuning Championship

11.00−19.00, the SEC "Globus" (st. Shcherbakova, 4, tel. 287−43−60)

Free admission

In addition to participating in the event, the bike club "Black Knives", there will be a cultural and entertainment program, a demonstration of exclusive audio projects. Competition "Throw away the old tape recorder - get a new one!". Drawings and contests will take place on the stage. In the end - the official departure of the car participants. The host of the event is Valery Prusakov. Registration by phone. + 7−912−24−93−503.


“Big city is a big holiday”

Ural dumplings actor Roman Postovalov, photo
The host of the holiday is the actor of the Ural dumplings, Roman Postovalov
Photo: Roman Postovalov's social networks

12.00–18.00, Uktus insurance company (27 Zimnyaya st., Tel. 256–75–75)

Free admission

The host of the event will be the actor "Ural dumplings" Roman Postovalov. At the festival, guests will collect a huge mosaic depicting Yekaterinburg, paint a 200-meter postcard.And in the evening it will be possible to blow out the candles on the cake.

During the day there will be a lot of activities, virtual reality games, animators, trampolines and group performances. You can rent tables and gazebos.

Interactive program "Ekaterinburg-300"

Time capsule in Yekaterinburg, photo
In 1973, the Time Capsule was laid.
Photo: Archive of the Administration of Yekaterinburg

12.00–19.00, the “Capsule” playground in the Historical Square

Free admission

On November 18, 1973, the Time Capsule with antiques, records of films and songs, and, of course, the city authorities addressed their descendants, was laid in the Historical Park. To open the message bequeathed in 2023, when the city will be 300 years old. In the meantime, on the 294th birthday, an interactive program, Ekaterinburg-300, will be organized on the Kapsula site.


Festival "Neighborhood"

Max Pokrovsky, soloist of the group “Leg Sprained”, photo
Group "Trubetskoy" photo
The soloist of the group "Leg cramped" Max Pokrovsky
Photo: Archive of the group "Leg has reduced"
Group "Trubetskoy"
Photo: Archive of the Trubetskoy group

12.00–19.00, Academic District (intersection of Academician Sakharov and Wilhelm de Gennin St.)

Free admission

For the second time, the festival of “Neighborhood” will take place in the family district of Yekaterinburg.

There will be a large children's area, a trampoline camp, a workshop for creating hundreds of kites, various master classes and creative stations. Guests of the festival will be invited to have a picnic in the open air, to compete in the championship in launching kites, and those who wish can take part in a special self-quest on the sights of Akademichesky. Each participant of the self-quest will receive maps with tasks, during which you can get acquainted with the infrastructure, sights, amazing places of the Academic District and receive prizes.

This year, they will act as headliners, as many as two popular groups - “Trubetskoy” and “Leg Cramped!”. Their concerts will begin at 16.00.

Holiday "On Spasovka on a visit"

House Agafurov, photo
House of Agafurov
Photo: Museum Club "House of Agafurov"

12.00, 14.00, 16.00, Museum Club “House of Agafurov” (28 Sacco and Vanzetti St., tel. 371−05−21)

Tickets: 50–100 rubles. Children and students - for free.

You are waiting for you at the Honey and Apple Savior, to taste the fresh harvest of honey and apples. And on a sightseeing tour, where you will learn interesting facts about the most beautiful wooden mansion of the city and its owners.Knowledge will be useful for answering quiz questions in Aunt Bee's Shop. For children there will be a special game program. And also for all guests - tea with fragrant bread and honey cakes and a master show of folk crafts and crafts.

Yekaterinburg Poetic Marathon - 2017

Poetry Marathon, photo
Photo: Gettyimages

12: 00-16: 00, Summer Stage of the Literary Quarter

Free admission

The essence of the poetic marathon is the continuous reading by poets of author's poems. Every next author replaces the previous one. This is an opportunity for many beginners and mature poets to speak, to find a listener.

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