Data protection

Data protectionCan you store your information?

Technologies have made information accessible to everyone: for you, for me, and of course, for those bad guys who want to learn about new developments of your company, credit card numbers of your employees or something else. Therefore, information needs to be protected. In the end, what could be more impolite than divulging the secrets of your company?


In many companies, employees at the time of employment sign a confidentiality agreement that obliges them to act in a certain way and provides for punishment in case of violation of its conditions.


When talking to strangers, do not talk about the affairs of your company in detail. Do not give anyone a list of your employees and their phone numbers.


If you need to move away from your computer for a short time, turn on the screensaver with the password to turn it off. If you do not know how to do this, ask your system administrator.


Going home, lock your floppy disks and papers in the drawer of the table. If you are chronically unable to maintain order in the workplace, take away in a safe place at least secret documentation, and magazines and unopened letters let down.


Here are the basic rules of etiquette for using electronic devices. Useful tips as the technology develops, these rules will be improved, but most important of them will remain unchanged - in order not to make an irreparable mistake, you must first think about others.


We'll talk about conflicts in the workplace, consider the phenomenon of stress, and tell you how to keep cool in difficult situations; discuss some ethical problems and show examples of correct and incorrect ways to solve them; we end with a discussion of office romances and sexual harassment.

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