Danio Rerio - decoration of your aquarium

The zebrafish is a well-known and ideally suitable fish for beginners. And yet some features of care exist, and they need to be taken into account.


The zebrafish is one of the most common aquarium fish. In addition, it began to breed at home almost the first and a very long time, but to this day it remains popular due to its unpretentious and bright appearance. In the wild, such a species lives in slow-moving or standing water bodies located in Southeast Asia. It is a schooling and mobile inhabitant, belonging to the category of predatory.

In the photo you can see that the zebrafish has an elongated small body about 5 centimeters long, the fins and tail are small, and in females it usually has a wider belly. The color is striped and suggests alternation of light yellow stripes with dark blue or emerald.

How to contain?

The content of zebrafish is not difficult even for a beginner.Such an aquarium fish is a schooling one, so it is better to settle together 8-10 individuals at once. At the same time the volume of the aquarium should be at least 20-30 liters, although five fish will be able to live in a small container. In addition, you should prefer the elongated shape, as the fish will actively swim and sometimes play and chase each other, so that a limited length will make it impossible for them to move freely.

In the wild, zebrafish are accustomed to dwell in the upper layers of the reservoir, so the aquarium is undesirable to fill up to the top. In addition, it should be covered with a lid so that frisky inhabitants accidentally jump out and die.

The bottom can be filled with soil, and plant plants in it, for example, moriofillum, cabombou, sagittar and others. But the vegetation should not be too thick, so that the fish could easily frolic. You can make a free site: so you can watch the mobile games. If the algae is high, then be sure to take care of sufficient lighting, since the aquatic inhabitants in question love the light.

Caring for zebrafish involves maintaining the water temperature in the range of 20-25 degrees.And although such fish carry lower or, on the contrary, elevated rates, it is still better to avoid sudden fluctuations and changes: a stable environment will ensure good health and resistance to various diseases.

It is important to saturate the water with oxygen, especially in the summer, when it becomes warmer, and the fish breathing quickens. The optimum level of acidity is about 6-8 pH. Stiffness also should not be high, it is better to maintain it at the level of 3-18 units, although this indicator is not so important. And in order to keep the water clean and transparent, you should install filtering equipment and replace at least 15-20% of the total volume every week.

Tip: danio rerio is quite possible to settle with other fish, but not very large and not predatory. Although the danios themselves may seem to pursue each other and other neighbors, this is only a feature of the pack’s habitat, and not an attempt to kill a competitor.

Interesting fact: you can see that the fish spend a lot of time at the filter. But this does not necessarily mean that they lack oxygen. They just feel the flow and try to catch it, as in the wild.


If you are planning a breeding zebrafish, you should know what they eat. In the wild, fish eat various insects that enter the pond, sometimes they eat the seeds of plants. When kept at home, such aquatic inhabitants can be fed with not very large live or frozen food, as well as dry.

It is allowed to offer pets a trumpet or artemia. And the fish prefer to take food from the surface of the water, so first throw a small portion to attract them (then the food will not have time to sink to the bottom). Feeding is carried out daily and in moderation, although this type is not prone to overeating.

Breeding features

Zebrafish breeding is usually not difficult, but in order for the male and female to notice each other and mate, some simple actions need to be carried out.

  • Firstly, it is necessary to prepare the so-called spawning capacity: it should be small, transparent, and its bottom can be covered with stump or moss, since the soil will make it difficult to detect pending eggs. The water level will be about 8-9 centimeters.
  • Secondly, for several days all males and females settle.It is possible to determine the readiness of individuals of the female for fertilization by the maturation of the eggs: it is in the abdomen, so it will have to fill up and increase in size, becoming wider not only in the middle of the body, but also near the anus.
  • Thirdly, one adult female should be placed in the spawning capacity (this period begins from 4-6 months) and several active and healthy males in order to increase the chances of successful mating. Males will try to hit the female in the abdomen to extract and fertilize the eggs with milk. Several chicks are carried out, and after them the “parents” should be resettled, since they can eat the offspring. Fry are very small and easy to miss. Feed them should be either infusoria or yolk.

The zebrafish will become a wonderful decoration of your aquarium if you provide proper care for them.

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