Daniel Craig wants to see Monica Bellucci in bondian

As we remember, in the new bondian, agent 007 will be married - happily, but not for long. Enemies will quickly make him a widower ... However, you shouldn’t feel sorry for Bond: judging by the latest rumors, the poor Italian will be consoled by the fateful Italian Lucia Sciarra, the widow of a famous crime boss, whom he met in “Spectrum” and played by Monica Bellucci.

The Italian diva after filming in Bond asked not to call her "Bond girl". “I am a lady or a woman agent 007, not otherwise,” she said in an interview, surprised that her dream of playing a spy drama that she had been carrying for twenty years unexpectedly came true at 50. But I saw this as a plus: my special mission show that in fifty a woman has the right to be sensual and seductive.

Daniel Craig appreciated the efforts of the Italian actress. The performer of the main role, who hardly agreed to participate in the project, put the producers in a condition - Monica Bellucci will again appear with him! And not just asked, but demanded that the plot came a beautiful widow.That kiss that can now be found in the gif, it seems, did not leave him indifferent. It is a pity that the premiere of the new Bond will not be soon - in November 2019.

Daniel Craig wants to see Monica Bellucci in bondian

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