Dance on March 8 in elementary school and kindergarten, video - girls and boys with mothers. Staging dances with dolls and hearts for March 8


Gentle and lyrical or fun and fiery dance on March 8 will be an excellent gift for mothers, grandmothers, educators and teachers. In kindergarten with boys and girls you can learn simple numbers with dolls or hearts. Or invite the guys to dance to interesting music with their moms and dads. In elementary school, it is appropriate to rehearse more complex choreographic elements with students and turn the performance into a colorful, spectacular and entertaining show that all the guests will want to make on video, then to reconsider and once again enjoy the first children's successes.

Dance girls on March 8 with dolls - the youngest group of kindergarten, video

With girls of the kindergarten junior group, you can learn a simple but very original dance with puppets by March 8. There will be no need to memorize any intricate movements, all dance steps are simple and accessible for understanding and perception even of very young and not experienced artists. Practically any children's song with a light, precise rhythm and kind, touching words about children, toys and traditional activities of little girls will be suitable as musical accompaniment.

Special suits for the room are not needed and this will greatly facilitate the task. It is enough just to put the babies in elegant dresses, make beautiful hair and tie lush bows. Dolls girls can bring from home. It will be much more familiar, convenient and comfortable to dance along with their own favorite toys.

Dance for March 8 in kindergarten - a video from which the whole room cried

There is nothing more tender and touching than dancing on a matinee by March 8 in kindergarten, performed by dads and daughters. This is one of the most pleasant, sublime and quivering spectacles, from which the whole hall will cry.To put such a number in the senior or preparatory groups you will need to hold something like a casting and choose from all the babies those who feel the musical rhythm best and are not shy about performing in front of the public. Since not every father will agree to go on choreographic classes with his daughter, and then also to all the teachers, parents and invited guests to dance in the dance, it is better to leave 7 or 8 participants. Then form a pair and start preparing will be somewhat easier.

Rehearsals will have to start at least a couple of weeks before the holiday. Girls will need to come to dance lessons with their dads. The performance and development of the movements will be taken over by a choreographer or a rhythmic trainer. At the end of classes, just before the onset of the celebration, the weaker couples will themselves be eliminated and only those daughters and popes will remain who master the dance flawlessly. They will take part in the final presentation.


As a musical accompaniment any touching song with a calm, soft melody will do. In the video below, Igor Nikolaev's composition "Little Daughter" is used, which fits very well into the idea and meaning of the holiday.

Men have no special costumes.They appear in white shirts and classic dark trousers, while girls need dresses of the same style and color. The most successful looks are snow-white outfits with fluffy muslin skirts and bodices on thin straps. In them, the babies look very elegant, gentle, attractive and with their light, airy figures emphasize the reliability and solidity of their fathers. Moms who came to the festive performance, with affection, will observe the fathers and their daughters and will sneak away tears, involuntarily turning their eyes on such a touching spectacle.

Fashion dance with mothers on March 8 for boys and girls

One of the most successful ideas is to put a fashionable dance of children with mothers for the matinee in honor of March 8. Such numbers always look advantageous and cause the audience delight and emotion. It is appropriate to rehearse and include in the festive program a room where they will dance with their sons with their mothers. For the boys in this case will have to choose the same suits - white shirts, dark vests and dark trousers. Mommies can perform in their own holiday clothes.

Dance of girls with mothers in honor of March 8

Cheerful, vigorous and perky dance of girls with mothers will decorate any event timed to the 8th of March. Both babies and parents will gladly come out to the center of the assembly hall and show their grace and choreographic abilities to guests of the performance.

The touching dance of boys on March 8 with hearts

The dance with hearts performed by boys for their mummies on March 8 looks very tender, touching and anxious. The performance takes place under a calm, lyrical song “Mother, dear” (lyrics by I. Kosyakov, music by N. Timofeeva). The guys move beautifully around the hall to the melodic accompaniment and all the time press soft toys in the form of a heart symbolizing childish love and devotion to the dearest person in the world - mother.

Beautiful dance on March 8 in primary school - video

If you want to spend a morning in honor of March 8 in the primary school bright, original and extraordinary, it is necessary to prepare with girls not just a simple classical dance, but a beautiful refined room in the oriental style with fans. To implement the idea of ​​life from the students of the class will need to choose 10 girls. A plastic teacher or a rhythm trainer will have to go in for the production and find suitable movements characteristic of Japanese culture and traditional dances with fans.Too complicated na include in the room is not worth it. It is enough to teach schoolgirls to mingle around the stage with small short steps on their toes, swing their arms beautifully and “flutter” plastically like a fan. As a musical accompaniment, music without words, consonant with the murmur of water and the rustle of bamboo leaves, is suitable. It will add realism to everything that is happening and create the effect of a complete immersion in the mysterious world of the Land of the Rising Sun.


There are no special difficulties with costumes. The role of kimono will be performed by silk dressing gowns to the knee of yellow and blue. Hairstyles for girls are better to make high and neatly decorated with wooden long hair knitting needles. Fans can be made from sheets of thick cardboard, and glued on the outside with glossy gold and blue paper. They will flicker beautifully in the process of movement and will make the dance more spectacular and rich.

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