Creative decor for the garden and the garden of plastic bottles

Environmentalists consider plastic bottles to be the real scourge of the new millennium. They are rarely sent for recycling, throwing it away in the most unsuitable places. Break the vicious cycle by re-using bottles from beverages, detergents and other products. You will be able to save on materials and reduce damage to nature.

Build decorations for the holidays

Pour some paint into each one to give the details the right colors. And then add the colored fragments together, achieving the most fantastic forms.

You can complement the designs you have assembled luminous garlands.

Make hanging pots for the garden

Fill the bottles with earth and plant flowers or fragrant greens in them. Due to the unusual location, even the simplest solutions will look original.

You can slightly complicate the design by organizing a system of automatic plant watering.

Flower pots

You can do even easier by building a pot from a bottle. Such a solution will be indispensable for those plants that are suitable for a certain temperature regime. With the onset of cold weather, they can be brought into the house or into the greenhouse.

You can use the bottom of the bottle and as a pot for indoor plants.

Garden or scarecrow decor

It all depends on your skill. But even the aesthetic forms, if they are large enough, can scare the birds off your site. The effect is enhanced if you add details that will make loud sounds, swaying in the wind.

Build a greenhouse

A very budget solution that will provide you with an excellent harvest for many years. In contrast to the structure of film or glass, this building does not need to be repaired every year. And if you have to do it, this repair will cost almost nothing.

Plastic fence

Maybe it will be a very low fence protecting the path from the ground from the beds. And maybe a high transparent hedge that does not obscure the sun, neither your site nor the neighboring one.

Build a basket for small things

Use for this five-liter bottle. Cut off the top and cover the sharp edge with colored tape.Complete the basket with rope handles.

Build a feeder

If forty and crows should be driven away from the site, then small birds should be attracted to him. They will save your space from mosquitoes and caterpillars. Do not forget to feed the long-awaited guests, pouring cereals into a bottle, pierced with pencils or wooden spoons.

Remember to use traffic jams

They are perfect for making a table lamp of the original form. Light bulb is better to choose more powerful.

Paved paths

It will take a lot of traffic jams for such a project. Ask all friends and acquaintances to connect to their collection. Do not forget to make a dense layer of the gasket so that the plugs do not sink into the ground.

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