Crafts for the New Year from light bulbs with your own hands, photo

Crafts for the New Year with bulbs do it yourself, photo

Crafts for the New Year with bulbs do it yourself, photo

What can make beautiful interesting crafts for the New Year? Do not believe it, but even old unnecessary things can become a decorative ornament for the long-awaited winter holiday! In this article we will talk about how to make crafts for the New Year with your own hands from old non-working light bulbs.


Christmas toy from a light bulb


Doing a New Year's Eve with a light bulb is not so difficult. The procedure is as follows:


1. First of all, take a piece of cotton wool and dab it into alcohol, wipe the glass surface of the lamp to remove dirt and dust, make the surface skim.


2. Next step: decoupage the lamp. It is necessary to treat the surface of the entire lamp (including the bottom metal part) using acrylic primer. Take a piece of foam, attached to a small stick - you get a kind of "brush", with which you will need to apply a thin layer over the entire surface of the bulb.Why it is not recommended to use a regular brush: it leaves stains.


3. When applying the primer to the glass, hold the lamp by the lower part (base), while processing the basement part, you need to have a stand, which is well served, for example, by a lid from under a vitamin can.


4. After the soil has dried, paint the bulb with white acrylic paint. The principle of coloring is the same as in the previous two paragraphs.


5. Wait until the acrylic paint is completely dry. It usually takes 30-40 minutes. During this time, you can choose any pattern on the Christmas theme.


6. Select an image and tear it off from a napkin or postcard (preferably, the paper should be thin). Using an ordinary brush and paper glue, fix the picture on the light bulb. The creases that occur during gluing can be easily adjusted with sandpaper.


7. If you chose a drawing made in a certain color (for example, in blue), then the remaining free part of the lamp can be painted in a similar color. It is advisable to take for painting the same acrylic, mixed with the desired shade.


8. Apply a coat of paint as previously described.Light bulb for the New Year is ready!


Crafts for the New Year with bulbs do it yourself, photo


Crafts for the New Year with bulbs do it yourself, photo


For even more beauty and decoration, you can decorate the lamp base by adding glitter with the help of multi-colored and silver glitter. The latter can also be used to draw snowflakes on the glass surface of a light bulb.


Snowman from a bulb do it yourself


Materials for manufacturing: broken light bulb, glue, white acrylic paint or gouache, a piece of red cloth, thin paper or an old newspaper, various elements for decoration: buttons, twigs (for making a snowman's hands), beads, etc.


Crafts for the New Year with bulbs do it yourself, photo




1. First put the paper on the light bulb. If the paper is not white or you have chosen a newspaper, then paint it with gouache or acrylic paint. Do it right on the light bulb after you glue the paper.


2. The process of turning a light bulb into a snowman begins. Cut out a scarf from red cloth, focusing on the size of the lamp. Make a scarf at the scarf and tie it to the lamp by spreading glue for the scarf in advance.


3. From the fabric also "tie" the cap. It is enough just to make an ordinary mini-cap and tuck the edges. Of course, to fasten the cap you will need it on the lamp cap.


4.The clothes of the snowman are ready, it remains to make parts of his body: on the snowman's belly, place vertically one after another buttons or beads. Use them to make eyes, mouth and nose. A snowman's smile can be drawn with a black or red marker.


5. The last element of the craft: hands. Attach small twigs on both sides, securing them with glue.

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