Craftsmanship salute by May 9

We make a bright splash of salute from shiny paper and a stick from the cocktail.

It is rather difficult for children to remember the significance of important calendar dates, without establishing a strong associative connection with some characteristic symbol, then the tradition of this holiday. For example, to better understand the meaning of Victory Day they are helped by a symbol such as a holiday salute, which our compatriots marked the final defeat of the Nazi troops and victory over the enemy.

A good way to remember the meaning of this symbol is the Salyut handicraft, with their own hands made of a variety of materials. For example, by May 9, a bright and spectacular craftsmanship “Salute” can be made from sheets of foiled colored paper and cocktail tubes.

What you need:

  • thin foil or foiled colored paper of different (enchanting) shades. A craft made of foiled translucent paper will look much more effective;
  • cocktail tubes (you can replace them with any plastic or wooden long enough sticks — for example, chopsticks used to fix balloons,or skewers for kebabs);
  • scissors;
  • scotch tape.

Getting started.

 Materials for crafts

Materials for crafts

The sheets of foil paper are stacked on top of each other, bent in half and cut to the edge so that the cut just does not reach the opposite edge fold the sheet.

 We bend colored paper

Fold Color paper

 Cut the colored paper

Cut the colored paper

The strips can be made both narrow and fairly wide, but not wider than two centimeters. At the same time, the sheets of paper do not have to close each other - you can make the edge of the lower sheets visible from under the upper ones.

After cutting the sheets, gently wind them onto the cocktail tube. We fix the first layer to the stick with adhesive tape, then wrap the tape around the outside with an adhesive tape.

 Wrapping paper on a stick

Wrapping paper on a stick

Fix the paper with adhesive tape

Fix the paper scotch tape

Separate strips of paper from each other. It turns out a magnificent cap of colored ribbons, reminiscent of a fireworks explosion.

 Salute on the stick with your own hands

Salute on the stick with your own hands

>Bright and colorful color salute

Bright and colorful salute

Three festive fireworks its with their hands

Three festive fireworks with your own hands

You can decorate the room with such crafts for the holiday. And you can take them with you to the festive parade and use instead of traditional flags.

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