Corporate gifts to colleagues and customers for the New Year

On the eve of the New Year holidays, people bustle around, thinking about home improvement, food, clothes. An important role is played by the purchase of corporate gifts. The fact is that New Year's corporate gifts are a sign of respect to colleagues and employees.

People want to buy good New Year gifts and keep within a small budget. To do this in the conditions of modern life is extremely problematic. Each person devotes no less time to work than a family, and some do not have time for family life at all.

Coming up close to solving the problem, people are faced with the problem of what kind of New Year corporate gifts can be purchased.

I propose to divide the gifts into two categories. The first - useful things, the second - a variety of trinkets.

  1. Things that are useful in the work. Mugs, diaries, pens, watches. Expensive desktop clock is better to give the head.
  2. If the working team traditionally celebrates New Year's Eve before the holiday itself, it is possible to present edible treats to colleagues and employees. For example, a bottle of champagne in beautiful bags made in the New Year's style.
  3. Chocolate figures of dogs, rabbits, Santa Clauses and other characters associated with the New Year.
  4. Christmas decorations. Such a gift will appeal to anyone, because everyone decorates an evergreen tree.
  5. Candles, figurines, statues, made in the New Year's style.
  6. If you do not know the preferences of colleagues, buy individual gifts is not worth it. You can buy each employee some nice little thing.

Every year it is becoming more and more difficult to purchase good New Year corporate gifts. In this situation, he will gain a developed fantasy and observance. Last year I found myself in a similar situation. And, you will not believe, I managed to get out. I gave my colleagues a small candle and a lottery ticket. After offered fortune telling at random.

Since the team includes only women, everyone willingly participated in such a New Year's Eve game. Contrary to the small winnings, the lucky ones believed that in the new year luck would not turn away from them.

Employees who did not win, I comforted sweets and delicious cake. As a result, everyone was satisfied.

Examples of inexpensive corporate gifts

Handing subordinates corporate gifts, the head realizes that the year is over, as well as the troubles that he had to face. True, we need to plan a New Year's corporate.

  1. Mugs.
  2. Key rings.
  3. Flash drives. It is useful to any employee, both at work and outside.
  4. Diaries. Such a gift will be delighted by people whose lives are accompanied by regular business meetings.
  5. Pens. The market office offers a wide range of all kinds of pens.
  6. Candles. Visiting a specialized store, you can buy candles of various forms. Do not forget about the scented candles with the symbols of the coming year.

If you want to congratulate your partner, choose an exclusive and high-quality gift.

Original gifts

Each company has a certain budget for the purchase of corporate gifts. If one firm allocates several thousand rubles, the second allocates no more than five hundred for these purposes.

The most popular New Year's gifts: chocolate, certificates, gadgets, scarves and mittens with New Year's symbols or company logo, mugs, magnets, calendars. They are not suitable for the role of original presents.

  1. Food gift with a twist. Clients and partners will not refuse to take part in the collective eating tangerines with a glass of champagne.
  2. New Year's honey. Original, practical, delicious option. You can buy kegs of honey with the logo of the company.
  3. Gingerbread.
  4. Tickets. Many because of work and everyday worries can not go to an exhibition, to a theater, to an excursion or to a movie. Tickets for such events will fix the situation.
  5. Covers for tablets and phones. If the budget allows.
  6. Set for modeling snowmen. The set includes buttons, cap, scarf, plastic tube and carrot for the nose.
  7. . You can order a large figure of the New Year symbol in the pastry shop surrounded by goodies, for example, small biscuits.

If you don’t have time to fiddle with the choice of original gifts, simply send out greeting cards to colleagues and employees, and send the budget for New Year's souvenirs to one of the charitable foundations.

Unusual New Year's corporate gifts

Even the simplest corporate gift, is obliged to raise the company's image.

The market offers advertising souvenirs oriented to mass mailing, professional presents, which are accepted to present to partners and customers.


  1. In the first place imported alcohol. Each second firm gives the partner expensive cognac or whiskey.
  2. The second line of the rating - confectionery. Exclusive chocolate or imported goodies.
  3. Closes the top three office. For VIP persons choose expensive accessories of well-known brands. Handles, lighters, flasks and a purse.


  1. Tickets for events. Premiere cinema, theater performances, exclusive events. Invitations to expensive clubs and restaurants.
  2. An unusual corporate gift can be even a simple postcard and a subscription to a fitness club. The main thing is that the gift contributes to strengthening the relationship between colleagues.
  3. Confectionery. You can order a huge cake with figures of employees.
  4. Books, cigars, jewelry, works of art.
  5. Congratulations to the children of employees. For employees of the company it will be a surprise.
  6. You can take two cans of coffee. In one put leaves with the names of employees, and in the second name of the gift and arrange a lottery.

Leading companies in the world believe that the right gifts to customers, partners and employees have a positive effect on business. For this reason, they allocate huge funds for their purchase.

Remember, a gift is a gesture of gratitude and appreciation. Having handed over a corporate gift, you confirm the company's readiness to continue cooperation and strengthen it.

People are pleased when, in spite of the pre-Christmas work load, holiday shopping and preparation for the main event, someone finds time and gets them presents.

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