Civil marriage - rent a woman?

The associations of the wife with the apartment, no matter how humiliating, are very clear. See for yourself how men think: in a rented apartment I will not do expensive repairs, but in my own. I will not take care of a rented apartment as I do my own. For my apartment, I will buy expensive furniture, because I use it and enjoy it for years. And why should I spend money on comfort in the apartment, from which I can leave at any time? It'll do.

Of course, a rented apartment is chosen so that it is comfortable and cozy. Comfortable and cozy. This is the main rule of civil marriage. The man in it is comfortable and cozy. He no longer needs with this woman.

A woman in a civil marriage is a comfortable and cozy apartment. It does not need to be invested. It suits the way it is. It would be possible to improve, but not mine, so there is nothing to rip

Civil marriage - rent a woman?

But when a man meets a woman in whom he WANTS to invest, it’s like his own apartment. I do not feel sorry for her. No matter how shameful this analogy sounds, but when a man buys an apartment and when a man puts his signature in the registry office - this is equivalent. He decided it was his. "I need this."And even in this situation will be a completely different attitude. In its not a pity to invest and strength, and soul, and, sorry, money.

In its - not sorry. A woman who wants to be your forever, do not mind taking to the registry office and formalize (as a right to real estate) relations. In the meantime, not ready - it's rent. And the maximum that you can invest in rent is a new mattress.

Girls, when you agree to cohabit, and civil marriage is just cohabitation, you rent yourself out. If they want to buy you into property later or prefer to move out - it does not even depend on you. Just do not be surprised that Vasya gave his wife a Lexus, and your Petya gave you new perfumes. Because Vasya invests in his own. And your Peter - just in temporary comfort. It's funny that his Klava with perfume (mattress), is happy and functioning. And if your lover Eduard strongly invests in you, be sure, he invests very much in his wife, very much.

Civil marriage - rent a woman?

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