Church holiday on October 13



The sacred muzzle GRIGORY, the enlightener of Great Armenia, was born in 257, he came from a clan of Parthian kings. His father, pursuing the Armenian throne, killed his relative, for which the whole race was destroyed. Gregory saved a relative: he took the baby from Armenia to Caesarea Cappadocia and brought up in the Christian faith. Having matured, Gregory married, had two sons, but soon became a widow. He raised his sons in piety, one of them became a priest, and the other accepted monasticism. To atone for the sin of his father, who killed the father of Tsarevich Tiridat, Gregory joined his retinue and was his faithful servant. The prince loved Gregory as a friend, but did not tolerate his Christian faith. On accession to the Armenian throne, he began to force Gregory to renounce Christ. The sacredness of the saint hardened Tiridates, and he betrayed his faithful servant to cruel tortures: the sufferer was hung upside down with a stone on his neck, he was smoked for a few days with stinking smoke, beaten, mocked, forced to walk in iron boots with nails. In prison, the Lord healed his wounds.Gregory suffered repeated torture with the same determination and dignity. Then he was doused with hot tin and thrown into a ditch filled with poisonous reptiles. The Lord kept His chosen one: the poisonous creatures did not harm him. A certain pious woman fed him bread, secretly lowering him into the ditch. The Holy Angel, descending to the martyr, encouraged his strength and strengthened his spirit. So it took 14 years. All these years, King Tiridat pursued Christians tirelessly, until he himself, his confidants, and the soldiers who participated in the tortures, did not hit the wrath of God. Possessed by demons, they were likened to wild boars, rushing through the woods, tearing their clothes and nibbling their own body. After some time, Tiridat’s sister was proclaimed in a dream: “If Gregory is not robbed of the moat, King Tiridat will not be healed.” Then the king's confidants came to the den and asked: "Gregory, are you alive?" Gregory replied: "I live by the grace of my God." Then they brought out the martyr, overgrown, blackened and very withered. But still he was firm in spirit. With honor buried the remains of tortured Christians, Gregory built a church on the burial site and baptized Tiridates in it, after which he was healed.Following the example of the tsar, the entire Armenian people were baptized. Echmiatsin Cathedral was erected in 301 by the cares of St. Gregory. In 305, Gregory was appointed bishop of Armenia; for his apostolic works, he received the name of the Enlightener of Armenia.

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