Christmas tale in the interior

Christmas tale in the interiorThe interior of the house for the New Year should be special: warm, cozy, family. It is very important to pay attention to details and details. Try to connect the whole family to the preparations for the holiday, and then the atmosphere will turn out to be truly solemn.

Hand made jewelery

Souvenirs and gifts with their own hands always look very nice. Now you can find a lot of ways to decorate the interior for the New Year with your own hands. You can use stencils for the New Year for artificial snow, you can make Christmas decorations, garlands, traditional snowflakes and unusual candlesticks. Here are some options for such handmade crafts.

Christmas toys can be made with your own hands from ordinary light bulbs. You need to take acrylic or watercolor paint, light bulb and brush. Light bulbs can be selected in various sizes and shapes. Now put on the bulb any pattern, Christmas picture or arbitrary multi-colored strokes. Also, instead of toys, you can use candy or nuts.

Very beautifully look garlands and flowers from corrugated paper or foil. You can make beautiful candlesticks that will transform any interior of the house for the New Year. Take any glass jar from under the cream, coffee or preserves. It can be wrapped with colored paper, painted with paints, dipped in glue and rolled in salt.Christmas tale in the interior

Also, with the help of fir branches, wire and small toys you can create a New Year's wreath on the front door.

Windows with a New Year's fairy tale

Beautifully decorated windows for the New Year will cheer up not only you, but also passersby. You can use ready-made garlands, stickers or figures, or you can make interesting applications yourself on the window using paper stencils. With their help, the room for the New Year can turn into a fabulous country, in which good animals, Santa Claus and many more magical characters rush.Christmas tale in the interior

You can also paint the window with paints, although it will not be easy to wash them later. You can also use Christmas toys, which will be well attached with a fishing line or beautifully put them on the windowsill. Do not be afraid to connect to the process of children.For them, this period is particularly important and wonderful.

Festive fireplace interior

At the very recollection of the New Year, beautiful pictures emerge in memory: a sparkling tree, a mountain of gifts under it, a festive table and burning firewood that crackle a little in the fireplace. Fireplace creates a special atmosphere in the house. How you decorate a fireplace for the New Year can be the final accent in the New Year's interior.Christmas tale in the interior

The fireplace should be a continuation of the style in your room: designed in the same color and tone. For example, if you chose Christmas decorations in red and gold tones, then it is better to decorate the fireplace as well. You can close the top with a garland, which should be decorated with balls and tinsel. And do not forget about the socks for gifts. They can easily be sewn by yourself or bought in a store.

It will be especially pleasant for your guests if for each you hang a personal sock with an embroidered name or initials. Pay special attention to safety, do not hang anything close to an open fire.Christmas tale in the interior

Interior decoration for the New Year can be a real family ritual that can unite all family members and create a soulful holiday atmosphere. The time spent together will remain in your memory for a long time.

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