Choosing the right car seat for your baby

Is the safety of a beloved and precious child - this is not the most important thing that should concern us in any situation, and even more so when it is with you in a vehicle? Unfortunately, the official figures are disappointing - every year thousands of children die in car accidents, and about 25 thousand more are seriously injured, and this is only in our country!

Always supervised

Sadly it didn’t sound, but most of these accidents could be prevented if adults and parents followed a basic list of safety rules.

Surely, all drivers know that the most common seat belt can save a person from imminent death or serious damage in 45% of emergency cases! For young children, this statistic does not work, so all safety is reduced to zero.

Even in those cases when the mother is fastened and holds the child in her arms, it is impossible to be sure of the safety of the baby,after all, in the event of an emergency or sudden braking, huge overloads appear, which for a fraction of seconds increase normal body weight tenfold!

Even if your baby weighs 10 kg, you think you can hold a hundred kilograms in your hands! Well, if you manage to keep yourself, and if you and your child fly forward? Yes, you just crush it with your weight!

Especially for this, in all civilized countries, since the beginning of the 2000s, a rule has been introduced, supported by law, it obliges young parents to transport children under the age of 12 years in special vehicles, which are called a child car seat.

Kids safe

Usually it is equipped with special internal seat belts, a comfortable seat, and must also comply with the European Safety Standard. True, the mark on your car seat, which states that it meets the above standard, is not yet the unconditional guarantee of the safety of your child.

It is important to know how to choose the right car seat for the child, because there is a whole classification that distributes them depending on the weight, height and age of the child.

How to choose a good car seat for your baby?

First, remember, this is not the option where you can save or buy a thing, so to speak, "for growth". To date, there are 5 main classifications, as well as several additional, each of which fits a certain weight and height of the child.

Of course, if you try to supply your baby with all the necessary types of chairs, you can feel a serious hole in the family budget, because if you found out how much such a pleasure costs, then you probably wondered more than once how to manage or save on such a purchase. .

Kids like them

The safety of the beloved child is above all, but what if the money for such expensive purchases is not? Especially for this, there are special mixed and additional types of children's car seats, which allow a good savings.

In any case, it is much better than to be tempted by buying cheap or used models that were already in use and, perhaps, even got into an emergency.

Visually, this chair may not differ from the new and the whole, but due to the possible deformation of the frame, the child’s safety guarantee is lost.If you decide on such a purchase, it is better to do it from the hands of your friends or relatives.

Despite the fact that all experts recommend not to save money when buying such a device, the price should not be a decisive factor when buying a chair. The fact is that more expensive does not mean better and safer, perhaps, it is simply “stuffed” with various additional functions and gadgets that rather become an unnecessary accessory or decoration than a real need.

The mount must be of high quality.

Therefore, carefully approach the choice of child car seats, carefully read the attached instructions, be sure to check with the seller whether a particular model is suitable for your car configuration, otherwise, you may encounter a serious problem of seat attachment mismatch.

A good baby car seat should not only be beautiful and safe, it should be as comfortable as possible for the child, because when the baby is uncomfortable, he quickly begins to be capricious and distract the driver from the road.

Make sure that the belts are adjusted and adjusted to your child: he should not dangle in them, but too tight fixation can be harmful to your baby’s health.

If you are buying a chair for a very small child, then be sure to choose the model that has several modes of the backrest position: if the child falls asleep, the backrest can be lowered so that he can feel as comfortable as in the cradle.

What are the classification of child seats?

  • Category 0. This type of children's car seats is also called "avtolyulka", because in appearance it strongly resembles a child's cradle. This modification, to a greater extent, is suitable for newborn babies that are taken from the hospital.

For group 0, the age of children is from birth to 9 months, weight is not more than 10 kg, and height is not more than 75 cm. In the car the cradle is fastened sideways, the child is always in a lying position, which is not always convenient.

Plus this modification - increased head protection, as well as a wide and sturdy belt that gently girds the baby. And yet this type is not the most profitable and effective, most often, parents resort to the following modification - 0+.

  • Category 0+. Suitable for children from birth to 15 months, height - up to 75 cm, and weight - up to 13 kg. The principal difference from the previous one is that such carriers for children are set by the person against the direction of movement, which is the safest position.Such a chair can easily be used as a portable stroller or simply as a highchair.
  • Category 1. For children aged 1 to 4 years, weighing from 9 to 18 kg, and also from 75 cm to 98 cm tall. This type is fixed like the previous one, but the difference is that it has several tilt adjustments, can be installed in the direction of traffic.
  • Category 2. Has its own limitations: for children from 3 to 6 years old, weighing from 15 to 25 kg, and not more than 120 cm tall. Has fastenings similar to the previous types, but the child itself is already fixed with regular belts, not internal as in all the above models.
  • Category 3. This category is also called boosters - chairs that have no backs, and are represented only by the lower seat. The age of children is from 5 to 12 years, weight is up to 36 kg, and height is no more than 135 cm. Children who achieve greater growth at this age can no longer use car seats.
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