Choosing a houseplant correctly

It happens that even the laziest of us begin to think about how to decorate your own house, make it more stylish and comfortable. The best decoration - indoor plants, which are very many. Sometimes even the eyes run away from their number in stores. Therefore, when choosing a particular room is very easy to make a mistake.

Look at the plants that are in the apartments of your friends. Immediately we advise you not to flatter yourself with respect to large specimens that look, as a rule, very presentable. Experience shows that you need to grow such a shrub yourself, from the smallest cutting. A large plant bought in a store may not survive the transport and the stress it causes.

So, the decision to plant your own apartment was made. Then, first of all, ask yourself three basic questions. By answering them, you can make a list of plants that will best meet your requirements. As a result, it’s easy to choose suitable green friends.

The first question is whether you want your plant to bloom, and if so, how often? The fact is that ordinary ornamental foliage looks good all year round. A bit harder with blooming specimens. Some of them bloom for a short time, and then require special care. There are a huge number of such plants. Uzambara violet will be an excellent option for those who dream of an unpretentious and constantly flowering bush. Also suitable: hibiscus, Kalanchoe, heliotrope, oleander and many others.

Second question. Do you have enough free time? There are very hardy plants that will not require too much attention from you. These include fatsia, aspidistra, asparagus, ivy, monstera, Tradescantia and others. But if you consider yourself a specialist in crop production, try growing at home gardenia or akalifu.

The third question comes down to finances. How much money are you willing to donate? As a rule, in stores, vegetation is in plastic pots. The price of a copy depends on how it grows and multiplies. If you prefer lush foliage and are not limited in means, we advise you to pay attention to the young plants, in order to later cut them.

Be sure to think about what shape and size will suit you.Think of what is preferable foliage or flowers. When buying a plant, correlate the conditions of your specimen and the temperature, humidity of the room in which you are going to grow all this beauty.

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