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Hello ! A 6 year old boy. Dad is not. She plays dolls all the time. I propose to buy another toy, he refuses with tears. Every week he is begging for a new doll. Is this normal?


Need to find another hobby-constructor, tractor, puzzles ...

You are right, the author should try to enthrall with other things. At least something neutral. And then God forbid grow up a girl ...

I used to play with cars and pistols as a child, though there were a lot of dolls too. I can not say that I grew up as a moral monster))) And my brother also played with dolls as a child, but there were also enough toys and other toys. Now a wonderful father.

Maybe sometimes you do not need to panic to catch up?

Go to a psychologist.

I know that both boys and girls are happy to ride a toy pram. Do not worry, grow caring dad.

Try contacting a neuropsychologist. Now there are wonderful techniques that allow you to very effectively adjust the child's behavior for the better. View sitehttp://cns-neiro.ru/, it is quite a popular center of neuropsychological support, on the Internet you can find a lot of positive feedback from parents

My daughter played with her son's cars, the dolls did not interest her at all.

My daughter plays with cars (especially like the characters of the cartoon "Cars") and I do not see anything terrible. But if you’re worried about your son’s hobby, then try to switch him to some games that do not belong to “girlish” or “boyish” - such as designer, board games. I bought many games for my daughter in this store.https://tango-cash.ru, they have a huge selection. Ask your son to choose his favorite game. From what I bought, I can advise "Makroskop", "Imagination", "Master ball" (the latter develops fine motor skills well). Do not take the doll, put her next to her and offer to play all together. Maybe this way the child will gradually switch to other games. Your goal is not to wean the game of dolls, but to teach you to play other games as well. The main thing is to play with him.

Good afternoon!

In general, not the worst.

It is necessary to rebuild smoothly - first, for example, at home from cardboard for dolls - like herehttp://baluem.com/- then go to the knights' castles and soldiers. This is if the easiest option.

In general, as a family psychologist I can help you quickly and efficiently.

Yours faithfully V.A. Kurov.

a guest15.02.18 22:37

+1 !

I took a child in this store houses of corrugated cardboard! Now we order constantly, as the whole family likes. A child has a better imagination + a general hobby brings a parent and a child closer!

Well, the price of these toys is cheap, but a lot of fun!

What I wrote above Psychologist, I think this is a very good idea. And all the same expert advice on weight gold! But I would still sign up for a consultation, so that I could write a plan of action in more detail. I would also have strained that my son was playing with dolls ((

The time will come, it will pass.

Offer him to build a house for his dolls, for example, from Lego designer. Maybe he will like to play with the designer and he will just switch. Seen in the storehttps://3d-toy.ru/very large selection of lego. Just in case, take immediately and some "boy" if you are interested, then you will already have the necessary designer at hand. Or immediately "slip" his child.

Try switching to unisex toys.

It seems to me that you shouldn’t worry too much about this, just watch closely what other tastes he has, try to show more “boy’s”, but do not punish the dolls and do not take them away.

How are the dolls and the absence of the father?

to a psychologist to go, yes it is ..

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