The childhood holiday with the magazine "Telesem" was a great success!

On June 1, Telesem magazine organized a big fun holiday in the Sunny Island Park. Hundreds of city dwellers came to the event, large families came - mothers-fathers with children and grandparents with grandchildren! Having fun, singing, dancing, winning presents and enjoying themselves with goodies!

On the playground near the main stage a whole playground was organized! At the entrance of the holiday guests were met by the animators of the igropark Lollipop - the bird Angry Bird and Tigra. In the center - comfortable zones of master classes from. The teachers gave everything they needed on the spot - paper, felt-tip pens, pencils, glue, scissors ... The kids with their parents made wonderful bright applications, paper bouquets of flowers, which they then took as a souvenir.

Bright photo zone from our partner. Animator Minnie Mouse invited the guys to take pictures! And everyone who participated in the photo shoot was given a magnet with this picture! He handed out candy-roosters on sticks, drove round dances with the guys.By the way, Binbank also played special prizes - children's cards for rides, as well as certificates for receiving special Junior cards, which were presented to the winners of the drawings on asphalt competition.

She answered for the beauty zone - all the little fashionable women were satisfied! And how else - and they made a bright manicure, and a tattoo on his hands with glitter!

A bright photozone of the financial group “” also had a queue lined up - everyone wanted to be photographed against the backdrop of a bright summer composition with fairy tale characters. And get gifts - molds for the sandbox.

The photozone of the magazine "Telesem" differed funny clown assembled from balloons. And next to the hero of the cartoon "Fixiki", the animator from the studio "Hugs" distributed the balloons with the symbolism of publications - "Telesem" and Woman’s Day.

On the part of the treats, the company “Seeds from the Ataman” succeeded - they distributed the bags to everyone! And not in one package, but several different varieties at once - both classic and with sea salt. The children liked the seeds and the funny Ataman so much that they themselves asked to deliver the treats to the guests!

I must say that the celebration lasted 7 hours, but during this time no one got bored - every minute something interesting happened on the stage and on the stage.

And how many applause the contest participants have gathered! There were several of them - for example, dance. Both children and adults participated and lit up with cheerful music. Only here is a snag - you could dance with one part of your body, for example, with your head, or with your hand, or even just with your mouth! The participants managed, and the winner received a certificate to the children's leisure center “DeTvORa”.

In the cinema competition, the guys answered questions about the famous Transformers films and got Transformers toys for it from.

Moms competed in a music contest - they guessed famous tunes. And each participant was encouraged with a tea set from the company Alokozai and a basket of delicacies from "Seeds from Ataman".

Answering the questions about different cartoons, the guests of the holiday received souvenir sets with chocolate from. And the solving riddles are gone with gifts from the book hypermarket.

And the boys really liked this competition - they needed to name the brand of cars. Prizes received thematic - from the auto show "Auto for you." And everyone - a balloon!

And for the main prize of the holiday - a ticket to a children's camp, 8 family teams fought. Three tours took place right on the stage: did the first opponents have to answer amusing questions (for example, is it true that zebra has flea too striped?),in the second - to inflate the most balls, and in the third - to draw a dream camp for children on the paper.

Responsible for the mood and musical accompaniment of the holiday - the host of the holiday Andrey Rotai and DJ Vovkin. They turned people on, made fun, held contests - everyone danced with such active leaders, nobody missed!

And the audience was surprised by the show of soap bubbles and studio holidays. Bright brilliant air show of soap bubbles - their handiwork! They allowed the children to try the balls themselves. Someone succeeded!

On the stage, the people were entertained by creative teams - dancers from and, School of Acrobatic Rock-and-Roll of the Kuban, a musical project and their group "Clean Field".

The holiday of childhood was a success, our guests counted. “I like your magazine and the event turned out great! My daughter and I danced, and received prizes, and treated ourselves with sunflower seeds, and made a flower application! ”Says our guest Olga. “And we liked that the event turned out to be truly family-based - everyone found an occupation here: my daughter participated in a dance competition, and then pulled me into a manicure zone, my son and grandmother made applications, and my father rooted for us the loudest in all competitions”, - smiling another visitor of the holiday Angelina.

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