Chemical face peeling at home: reviews

Deep and superficial chemical facial peeling at home

Chemical facial peeling is a simple but effective procedure. After such cleansing, the irritations disappear, and the skin becomes matte and looks younger. The procedure is shown to anyone who wants to get rid of age spots or freckles, to put in order the problem skin, and also prepare the person for using care products.

Deep chemical facial peels: reviews and recipes

After such a procedure, the skin regenerates for a very long time, because a deep chemical peeling of the face is aimed at maximum cleansing of the skin with further renewal. In the salons, such cleaning is carried out with the help of phenol, but at home you can make a deep peeling yourself with a self-made mask.


Natalia: I'm 27 years old, on my face there was a rash from adolescence, the skin is fat in the morning, the pores quickly become clogged. After several deep peeling procedures, the face was refreshed, matt, velvety to the touch, and the skin got rid of the black spots.

Yulia: after giving birth, I had small pigment spots on my face, and I decided on a deep chemical peeling, went to the salon several times, and after each procedure, the skin brightens, becomes more toned and softer.

Deep and superficial chemical facial peeling at home

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