Cheap ways to take children on holidays

Make road masks from masking tape.

3Insulating tape can also be used as an alternative to crayons.

"Divide" the field for classics or any other game - it will take your child for a long time.


 Interesting and colorful drawings will be obtained if you paint with food coloring on liquid glue.


As a "canvas" you can use plastic caps from sour cream or cheese.

Another way to acquaint the child with creativity with the help of bubble bags, paints and drawing paper (an old piece of wallpaper will do):


Build a tower of cut sponges.


This activity will calm the rattling child for a while.

Attach the liner from the paper towel to the wall.


If you have a piece of burlap lying around - make it a canvas for embroidery.


This lesson will be useful for the development of fine motor skills.

Remember how you used to paint with chopsticks on sand in childhood? To reproduce this activity at home,use a box filled with sugar and a pencil.


You can print the letters and ask the child to redraw them.

Break the tent city.


Make a jet balloon.


You will need:

  • rope or fishing line (about 2 meters);
  • balloon;
  • 2 chairs;
  • a straw for cocktails;
  • Scotch;
  • scissors.

Stretch the rope between the two chairs, after having passed it into a straw. Inflate the balloon (but do not tie it up) and tape it to a straw. Let's release the ball ... and launch the rocket!

Arrange a home bowling tournament from scrap items.



Put the soap in the microwave and give your child a soap cloud.


Arrange a tennis competition using disposable plates, ice cream sticks and a balloon.


Most importantly, with such a ball you do not risk breaking the family vase.

Build a "web" of adhesive tape.


As shells you can use balls from old newspapers.

If you allow the dimensions of the apartment - turn the stairs into a slide.


Make a kaposhku toy, filling the balloons with flour.


Let your child become a designer of your own clothes.

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