Chartreuse - an unusual and current color

The unusual, bright and life-affirming color of the chartreuse is a beneficial mixture of yellow and green shades in one bottle, it is called the color of green apple, lime or even bright mustard.

Chartreuse (from the French "chartreuse") - comes from the name of the eponymous liqueur, the famous "Elixir of Life". It is called the color of youth, beauty and spring, fresh greenery, the first dandelions and foliage, clothes decorated with this color are literally saturated with attractive energy, it is able to fill the image of a woman, make her noticeable.

By the way, this unique effect is often used in their writings by advertisers, because it acts on a person as a bait, attracting eyes and attention, and therefore does not cast a glance, and even perhaps you won’t be interested in such advertising. By the way, the trendy color chartreuse is considered a very insidious shade.

Experts say that the perception of human eyes is built in such a way that they can “distinguish” only three primary colors: red, blue and green.But the brain of color "to distinguish" is not capable, in fact, it only receives information such as: "darker" or "lighter."

This is the unique color of chartreuse, that it is his brain receptors that are able to see and even “distinguish” from others much faster and better. Perhaps it is in this lies his particular special attraction.

History of color

Not every color has such an entertaining story, but chartreuse stood out here. It is believed that for its existence it is necessary to say "thank you" to the Cartesian monks. According to legend, Marshal Francois D’Etre, at the beginning of the seventeenth century, delivered a manuscript to the monastery, which contained the recipe for a real elixir of youth.

For a long time, he indulged in oblivion, and only a century later, thanks to the capable and inquisitive pharmacist Jerome Mobek, the tincture was born, and later began to be constantly made by Cartesian monks and sold for big money, as an elixir that saves from many ailments.

The elixir was called "Chartreuse" and had the same greenish color, its recipe was kept secret for a long time and passed from one generation of monks to another. In 1834, Chartreuse was born with a yellowish tint; it was somewhat weaker and sweeter than green, however, this did not lose its properties.

As a result, the liqueur became so popular and loved that they began to talk about it all over the world, and one more fashionable name for the color - “Chartreuse” - gradually began to come into use in the most famous fashion houses. Like liqueur, color implies two basic shades - green and yellow, already, starting from them, it can vary, be more saturated or muffled, bright and even “electric”.

Fashion trend of the season

Did you know that trendy Chartreuse is another highlight of the season, because, according to the designers, it is he who, like anyone else, is able to charge with spring energy and good mood.

As a confirmation, it was used in the spring-summer collections of many famous designers: somewhere as the dominant shade, and somewhere as a soft reminder in the form of accessories or a cheerful print. In the coming season, skirts, blouses and chartreuse dresses will be especially relevant, and for the very young fashionistas designers even offered tights of yellow-green shades.

What is the combination of clothes of this color?

Chartreuse is a complex and multifaceted color, as you might have already seen in the photo, it’s not easy to figure out what to combine it with, because by its nature it is very rich and eye-catching.For those who do not dare to wear a dress or a skirtreuse skirt, designers suggest choosing models in which a fashionable shade is present in the form of details or a picture.

Do not forget that different shades will be differently combined with the appearance, for example, more muted options Chartreuse are perfect for creating a base, and is also ideal for ladies with red and gold hair. Brighter tones favorably emphasize the beauty of brown-haired women and women with light brown hair.

As for the color range, here, again, it all depends on the base color. For example, the muted calm Chartreuse, which is closer to shades of green, goes well with brown and natural green tones, its combination with beige shades will look soft and gentle. If you prefer a brighter color scheme, you can try bold combinations of Chartreuse with shades of blue, blue, coral and yellow.

More yellow and bright shades of this color are cold, and therefore are perfectly combined with the same cold colors: dark blue, white, purple, purple, khaki.In general, given that Chartreuse is one of the most fashionable colors of clothing for the coming season, in fact, it will look harmonious with any current palette.

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