Characteristics of men and women Lviv in the year of Kota (Rabbit, Hare)

Liana Raymanova October 25, 2017

The combination of signs Leo and Rabbit gives their wardscharisma, developed intelligence and other traits that make it easy for them to win the sympathies of others. Lion Rabbit (Hare) is capricious and ambitious, he is set to achieve great goals, even if subconsciously.

The influence of the eastern horoscope gives Kotovcalm and gentle nature. Representatives of this sign prefer to achieve the desired cunning and deceptive maneuvers, open confrontation is extremely rare. But if Rabbit’s personality is influenced by the fifth sign of the zodiac, he becomes a completely atypical representative of his “breed”.

Lions are proud and straightforward, have a powerful character and in most cases do not consider it necessary to hide their attitude towards something or someone

The contradictory influence of the eastern and zodiac horoscopes could cause a dissonance, but in this particular case everything turns out exactly the opposite.Lion and Cat (Rabbit) get along together perfectlyharmoniously complementing each other.

The representatives of this astrological combination are cunning, selfish and energetic. They love to take risks and almost always win because luck favors them in life. Rabbit Lions (Hares) are persistent and hardworking, so many of them achieve solid career heights.

At the same time, they understand that rigidity is a good business quality, but in private life it only serves as a hindrance. With a household such a person tries to be gentle and tactful, prone to generosity. In a circle of friends, he also seeks to show nobility by saving the dark sides of his nature for competitors at work.

Rabbit is one of the most exquisite signs of the eastern horoscope. His representatives are peculiartact and extravagancethey rarely neglect good manners. Developed intuition helps them to feel good the emotions of other people, so a lack of communication Rabbits usually do not feel.The above mentioned qualities allow them to gain respect in the society, others can not help but take an interest in such an extraordinary personality.

Characteristics of men and women Lviv in the year of Kota (Rabbit)

Lion and Rabbit get along together perfectly complementing each other

Characteristics of male lions born in the year of Kota (Rabbit, Hare)

The man Leo is a brave, determined and goal-oriented person. These qualities can provide him a rapid climb toheights of the career ladder. The trick of the Rabbits allows them to skillfully avoid obstacles in their path. Those obstacles that could not be circumvented, the terrible king of beasts sweeps away from the way with a clawed paw.

Born in the year of Kota (Rabbit, Hare) boy Lev is an ambitious leader with an unquenchable thirst for career development. But it is difficult for others to recognize in him such a powerful personality, because with the mind such a man seems to be quiet and calm.

Disguised in this way, Rabbit-Lev gets a lot of benefits: competitors underestimate his business skills, which later bitterly regret

A barrier to success can be the inability to direct energy in the right direction. Rabbits are not balanced character and tend to commit rashdeeds are influenced by emotions.

Male Lions love to be the center of attention, but only if they were not born in the year of Kota. People born under the sign of the Rabbit, prefer to stay in the shade. Not because of shyness, but simply because they like it more. At the same time Rabbit Lions are very sociable, love communication and do not tolerate loneliness.

Imperfections of the mark

One of the main drawbacks of representatives of the sign -selfishness. Lion Rabbits, who follow personal growth, do not allow this line to evolve into egocentrism. But if such a man ceases to work on character, then very soon he will focus on himself and forget to think about the problems of others.

In work, Lev-Rabbit to the right and left demonstrates responsibility, but at home this quality evaporates somewhere. Representatives of the markcan not stand when they impose any dutiesand in every possible way try to avoid their implementation.

Characteristics of men Lviv, born in the year of the Rabbit

In his work, Lev-Rabbit demonstrates responsibility to the right and left, but at home this quality evaporates somewhere

Another disadvantage of Rabbit (Kotov) character is a special attitude to morality.Such people do not recognize the generally accepted principles of morality and prefer to focus only on their conscience. And the weak voice of the latter is not difficult for them to drown out if necessary.

Characteristics of women Lions born in the year of the Cat (Rabbit, Hare)

The Rabbit-Leo woman, unlike men, representing the same signs,likes to be in the spotlight. Nothing so beautiful as the praise of others and universal admiration. Representatives of this zodiacal combination like to catch on themselves the views of others, so in their wardrobe, almost all things are bright and spectacular.

The girl Leo, born in the year of Kota (Rabbit, Hare) is very easy to talk to, since she can release both herself and her interlocutor. It is not difficult for her to give up her point of view if it is at least a little profitable for her.

At work, the signers Leo and Rabbit show accuracy, pedantry, diligence and purposefulness

They do not calm down until they build a stable career and strengthen their position in society. But, looking at too complex goals, the girl Leo can waste energy in vain, trying to jump above his head.People of this sign is importantbe able to soberly assess their abilitiesand build career plans for them.

Women born under the signs of Leo and Kota (Rabbit) are self-sufficient and do not need a serious relationship for a long time. They are being led for the most part in order to strengthen their status in society with a successful novel.

Imperfections of the mark

Women-Lions born in the year of the Cat (Rabbit) pay too much attention to financial well-being to the detriment of other aspects of life. In personal relations, they act as very demanding partners - a man must worship a girl with such character and constantly give her signs of attention.But this is not enough for her. Partner Rabbit Lionesses should not only sing their favorite praises, but also try to fulfill her every whim whenever possible. By virtue of innate selfishness, representatives of the sign consider this state of affairs to be normal and the only possible.

Another minus of their character -inability to cope with their own emotions. The Lioness Rabbit is a man far from weak, but she often cannot control her feelings.

Characteristics of women Lviv born in the year of Kota (Rabbit)

The Rabbit-Leo woman, unlike the men of the same signs, likes to be in the center of attention.

Love Compatibility of the Lion, born in the Year of the Rabbit

Lion Rabbit is an active and diversified man who always knows how to intrigue his soulmate. Relations with this person will be anything but boring. The influence of the zodiacal signs bestows upon itheightened emotionalitywith which he sometimes can not cope. Many failures in the personal life of Lev-Rabbit are directly related to this factor.

Relationship problems may arise from him on the basis of excessive demands. The second half, in the opinion of representatives of the mark, must show complete dedication. But the Lions themselves are not ready to do their best in a relationship; they simply cannot concentrate on them.

Curiosity and versatile interests are pushing them in search of new adventures, but, having satiated with them, the Lion Rabbits will be drawn to a quiet family harbor

They show extreme dissatisfaction if the spouse is not expected with open arms, and quietly enjoy their lives.A petty and inordinately emotional Rabbit can easily make a scandal on this matter, and in this he does not even interfere with the nobility of the royal sign.

Lions born in the year of the Rabbit,have a special magnetism and are able to charm others, including, sexual partners. They are rarely abandoned first, usually the rabbits themselves are the initiators of the rupture, dissatisfied with this or that aspect of the relationship. A little later, they regret the hasty decision, but by that time it is rarely possible to return the location of the partner.

Men and women Lions, born in the year of Rabbit, tend to show different traits, especially in personal relationships. Guys try to look independent and independent in the eyes of their beloved girl, but only until love has developed into more serious feelings. Having become attached to the partner, Rabbit turns into a tender and vulnerable person who needs care.

Characteristics of women Lviv born in the year of Kota (Rabbit)

The Rabbit Lioness will be a faithful and loving wife, a caring mother and a great hostess.

For this reasonmen Rabbits subconsciously gravitate towards women affectionate and attentiveable to create for a loved one the very atmosphere of warmth that he so badly needs.

Rabbit's main criterion when choosing a partner is reciprocity. He will be happy to care for the girl who responds to attention. If the lady of the heart does not show any sympathy, the Rabbit-Lev male will quickly lose interest in her. He is not one of those who will seek and waste precious time in vain. If Rabbit does not get enough reciprocity, he quickly begins to search for a more loyally-minded friend.

Woman Rabbit is waiting for a partner not so much care as praise and honest recognition of her many virtues

A man must be ready to fulfill all her whims, then the Rabbit Lioness will show the positive qualities of his character to the maximum. This woman will be a faithful and loving wife, a caring mother and a great hostess. But only if she finds a person who will be suitable for her in character and will make every effort to make her girlfriend happy.

If the representative of the signs of Leo and Rabbit are not satisfied with much in a partner, she will not suffer for a long time and will not be afraid to become the initiator of a break in relations.Such women can enjoy solitude, can do without romance for a long time. They easily compensate for the lull on the personal front by stormy activities at work, so they simply have no time to be bored. Approaching a mature age, the Rabbit Lioness reevaluates priorities and begins to devote more time searching for candidates for creating a family.

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