"Carnival Night" and another 6 best domestic New Year comedies

«Country of OZ»

Phantasmagoric comedy by Vasily Sigarev about Lenka Shabadinova who got a job at a food stall. By her first working day, Lenka, performed by Yana Troyanova, will be late, but will survive many adventures on her way that can happen only in Russia, only on New Year's Eve. The film ends surprisingly, recalling the record of Cigarev, romantically and happily.

"Carnival Night"

The film, after which the young Lucy Gurchenko in the distant 1956 woke up famous. Young and cheerful employees of the club dream to throw a cool party for the New Year, but they are hampered by the bureaucrat Ogurtsov. This radiant Soviet tale, naive and optimistic, has not lost its charm at all. And the heroine Gurchenko is also sweet in her Diorov’s dresses, and the character Yuri Belov is naive and in love, and in five minutes you can still do a lot.


A magic film by Konstantin Bromberg, based on the scenario of the Strugatsky brothers, is one of the best Soviet New Year paintings. Vanya Pukhov (Alexander Abdulov), a romantic and musician who is in love with the beautiful and sorceress Alain (Alexander Yakovlev), is trying to save the bride from the spell of her colleague Apollo Sataneev (Valentin Gaft). As in many films that we know by heart, the plot is no longer important, and the most memorable images are important. Remember: handsome Vanya in a white suit, like Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever”, the hero Farada wandering in the corridors of the scientific research institute, the song “Three white horses”, which is now sung in school choirs for thirty years ...

"Old New Year"

The play by Mikhail Roshchin after a successful production at the Moscow Art Theater was filmed by Mikhail Efremov and Naum Ardashnikov. The actors in the cinema were almost the same as in the theatrical production: Alexander Kalyagin, Vyacheslav Nevinny, Yevgeny Evstigneev, Irina Miroshnichenko. “Old New Year” by genre is a household comedy, but questions are raised not at all everyday: about the freedom and passion of hoarding, about the intelligent approach to life and the workers and peasants ... It’s also funny!

"Come see me"

Two intelligent women, the old maid Tanya (Irina Kupchenko) and her elderly mother (Ekaterina Vasilyeva), live quietly and peacefully. Before New Year the old woman was going to die, and Tanya wants her mother to go away with a calm soul. Then a man with a bouquet of roses appears in their apartment (Oleg Yankovsky), and Tanya extradites him for her fiancé. A wonderful actor's trio, New Year's atmosphere, a feeling that comes naturally ...

"Dinner is served!"

The husband intends to celebrate the New Year at the dacha with his mistress and lies to his wife that a friend will come to him. A friend is actually his wife's lover. But at the request of her husband, she pretends to be a boyfriend of someone else's mistress. In this incredible confusion, the characters barely understand the finale, but for now they will pretend and lie horribly. Starring Alexander Baluev, Julia Rutberg, Maria Aronova, Alexander Lykov. Very funny, like an acting skit!

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