Can I drink beer with cystitis

The fact is that for the treatment of cystitis, as a rule, use antibacterial agents, immunostimulants, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, which, when interacting, can give an adverse outcome of the disease. In addition, the use of alcoholic beverages helps to reduce the protective properties, as well as the mucous layer of the bladder, which, accordingly, creates favorable conditions directly for the further development of the infection. Thus, beer can significantly harm the already weakened body.
In addition, according to experts, the use of alcohol is one of the causes of cystitis. This is due to the fact that alcoholic beverage leads to a significant increase in the frequency of urination, as a result of which dehydration may develop. In this regard, the concentration of urine increases, which leads to a much greater irritation of the mucous membrane of the bladder and increased pain.

Cystitis diet

As a rule, in case of cystitis, it is recommended to observe a gentle diet, which is characterized by the exclusion from the diet of those products that contain a large amount of salt, pepper, and other spices. In addition, you should limit the consumption of fatty foods and smoked meats.
It must be remembered that food should be rich in vegetables and fruits. Especially useful is the use of melon crops. Also, in the presence of cystitis, fluid intake per day should be at least two liters. This may be herbal infusions based on plantain, oregano, flax seed; weak teas; cranberry and lingonberry juice; mineral water; decoctions of herbs such as kidney harvest, corn silk, bearberry; fresh juices.

Symptoms of cystitis

This insidious disease is characterized by the appearance of the following symptoms: difficulty urinating, frequent urge to urinate, urethral contractions, pain and burning sensation during urination, turbid color of the urine and an unpleasant smell, nervousness. In addition, the appearance of aches directly in the lumbar spine, a drop of blood after urination, an increase in body temperature, and pustular discharge from the urethra are possible.It should be noted that if you detect at least one of these signs of cystitis, it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor for the appointment of the necessary examination and subsequent treatment.

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