Bright and interesting Halloween makeup

Halloween makeup should be bright, memorable and a bit scary. Only once a year can you become a mythical creature. And in order to reincarnate completely, you need to take into account all the details in your new image.

Women often do makeup, they have a favorite palette of shadows, a shade of lipstick and nail polish. But, on Halloween, you need to forget about all the traditional techniques of applying makeup.

Halloween is a holiday that was created to have a good time. You can dress up at any Halloween party: your favorite character from the series (House, the Vampire Diaries, Sex and the City), a zombie, a terminator, a bunny or a kitty.

Every image must be perfect. Wearing a sexy costume on yourself, you can not be shy and behave relaxed and liberated. If you decide to appear as an insidious witch, then be mysterious and dangerous.

Even in the most ridiculous Halloween costume you can be beautiful and stylish.The main thing is not to allow negligence and inaccuracy. If you are doing an exotic makeup, this does not mean that you need to smear your face with toothpaste and make up your lips with scarlet lipstick. Everything can be done much more beautiful.

We suggest you to get acquainted with incredible ideas.

Image of a witch

A witch is a dangerous and evil creature. Makeup must be appropriate. You can certainly choose the image of a kind and fun witch, but it's less interesting. Therefore, today we will do the makeup of the evil witch.

We will need: foundation, black shadows, pencil, lipstick and blush. The basis of this makeup is a pale face, as witches do not tolerate sunlight. With the help of bright blush, you can focus on the cheeks, and you can leave everything in pale colors.

On the eyes you can make a rich Smokey Aiz. For this you need a black pencil, which you draw the outline and black shadows, you can decorate your eyes with sparkles and stones. Eyelashes make up mascara, you can use green.

Lipstick should be saturated red or even bloody. Just make up your lips exactly, the option with a greased lipstick is more suitable for Halloween at school, and not for a cool party.

A vampire

Absolutely all vampires are sexy.Therefore, you should have a voluminous hairstyle (you can twist your hair or make an ordinary bouffant). In this image, the skin of the face should be in perfect condition, complement it with strongly let down eyes (use liquid eyeliner for this), and of course, red lipstick, which is associated with blood on this day.

Just keep in mind that you should have a snow-white smile. To create the image of a vampire, it is not necessary to insert artificial fangs into your mouth. Still, drinking alcohol in them is not entirely comfortable.


If you have no goals to seduce someone on All Saints Day, then you can safely turn into a popular character - a zombie. First, make a pale face, using a light foundation and powder. Now we proceed to the most interesting: draw the signs of death.

For this we need dark brown, red and plum shadows. Well, not to do without colored pencils for the eyes. Most likely, against the background of a pale face, plum shadows will not look very nice, but you don’t need it.

Apply to the upper and lower eyelids with a thick layer of shadow, you will immediately have an unhealthy appearance of the face. Using a pencil, draw various scars, abrasions and cuts on your face. You can use artificial blood. And do not forget to make yourself with the help of the shadows of a bluish lip color.


Geisha was born in order to satisfy all the whims of men. If you want to turn into a Japanese priestess of love on Halloween, then you have to tinker a bit with makeup.

Geisha is known all over the world for its silky skin, so makeup should be ideal. After applying the foundation for make-up, eliminate all imperfections of the skin with the help of tonalnik and finish all with velvet powder. Remember that a geisha must have a pale, even white face. To obtain this effect, you can use theatrical powder. When you "discolor" the face, make your lips the same.

Now you need to narrow your eyes as much as possible. To do this, you must draw a thin line, both in the upper and in the lower eyelid. Makeup geisha do not need to use shadows. Enough pencil. A geisha should have well-groomed eyelashes, so you can stick artificial or build up.

At the end of makeup you need to focus on the lips. You can do this with a thin brush and bright lipstick. The lips should be small and of unusual shape (triangular). Well, pay attention to the shape of the eyebrows - it should be perfect.

Experiment and be irresistible.

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