Bridesmaid at the wedding: all you need to know

And now this moment has come, your friend invites you to become your bridesmaid. One can only imagine how pleasant this event is, after all, it was you who were chosen from a dozen acquaintances, girlfriends, colleagues and relatives. This suggests that you are a special person for a bride who trusts you and hopes for your considerable help.

Recently, the foreign concept of "bridesmaid" has become very popular in our countries, it is similar to our "witness" or "boyfriend." The only difference is that the bridesmaids can be several, it all depends on the bride's desire, but still among them the main girlfriend is usually chosen, according to tradition this is the best friend of the bride.

Of course, if the best girlfriends are several, then the main bridesmaids can do several, but this will most likely add a lot of trouble to both the girlfriends and the bride, quarrels and strife can not be avoided, because everyone will have their own point of view on one and the same situation.

There is an opinion that only an unmarried girlfriend can be a bridesmaid and, preferably, not a relative. But all this is nonsense, the happiness of the future young couple does not in any way depend on the status of the witness, and the bride on such a day is entitled to see next to her the very friend she would like most.

There are a considerable number of examples where a bridesmaid was married, divorced, or even a widow, and these married couples lived happily ever after. The same can be said about those weddings where all traditions are observed, and the family still breaks up almost a year later.

What should she do?

If you nevertheless agreed to such a role, then it is necessary to immediately realize that this is a completely difficult situation. Of course, this title can be proud of, but soon you begin to understand that everything is not as good as we would like.

The wedding begins in advance

Be prepared for the fact that as soon as you were awarded such an honorary title, you automatically become the main assistant in the preparation of this great holiday. A bridesmaid must spend a lot of time next to the bride,helping her in choosing a wedding dress and hairstyle, which involves trips to wedding salons, learning all sorts of magazines, forums and wedding articles.

Be prepared for the fact that the bridesmaid should be aware of all the fashion trends, as well as the latest wedding trends, in order to skillfully advise and assist the bride in choosing both the main dress and accessory accessories: shoes, veils, jewelry, linen, and also makeup and hairstyle.

Of course, it will be much easier for both girls if the bride decides to use the services of a marriage agency. However, this may not happen, so you need to be prepared for the fact that, most likely, almost all the wedding hassle will fall on your shoulders.

If so, then the bridesmaid picks up the banquet room, helps to agree with the photographer, videographer, as well as the master of ceremonies and musicians. The bride and her friend are engaged in invitations, they choose the design of the banquet hall, and they also do a selection of menus.

In general, speaking, on the fragile shoulders of two girls lies almost the entire organization, right down to the smallest details, for example, what color should be the flowers in the groom's pocket, as well as which figures will look better on the wedding cake.

The main thing is patience

In addition to the physical duties of the bridesmaid, there are some moral principles that must be adhered to if you want to remain as good friends as after the wedding.

It is necessary to clearly and clearly understand that this day is the day of your girlfriend, she has the right to be a queen and a goddess, around which everyone flutters. Of course, everything should be within a reasonable framework, but the bride, of course, can even play around a little, especially with regard to the busiest time - the last week before Day X, and on the day of the wedding itself.

The bridesmaid, knowing the character and all aspects of the bride, should skillfully support and reassure her, because now it is really difficult for her. It is worth less to pay attention to the "sharpness" of the bride, not to take everything to heart, and it is better to actively cope with their duties.


On the day of the celebration, the girlfriend must come first to the bride to help the girl get dressed and put herself in order. Traditionally, the entire ransom ceremony falls on the shoulders of the main bridesmaid, so it is necessary to prepare in advance exciting competitions, as well as good words, so as not to get lost in front of a large number of people. By the way, the same applies to the bachelorette party.

It is on how well prepared the bridesmaid will depend on the quality of the fun, as well as on the mood with which the bride will begin her wedding day. There is a tradition that at a bachelorette party the bride should cry about the outgoing bachelor life, at least for fun, it affects the happiness of the young in marriage.

As for the appearance of the bridesmaids, the dress and hairstyle should be rather modest. It is considered a sign of bad taste, if the bridesmaid with her overly elaborate dress or bright make-up overshadows the bride.

Most often, the bride herself chooses the color and style of the dress for her girlfriend, because this is her day and it is up to her to decide in which dress she will flaunt one of the main characters.

The classic tight-fitting dress of gentle tones is best suited, you should avoid deep cleavage and frank cuts. You should also be careful with white and black, because it is clear that the white color of the bride, well, and black may seem out of place on such a day. The same goes for make-up, better that it was natural, not attracting excessive attention.

  • the whole day to monitor the state of the bride, so that her makeup did not run out, her hair did not get messed up.It is in her purse that all necessary trifles should be kept: matting napkins, lipstick, thread with needles, pins, spare stockings and barrettes, mineral water, as well as everything that the bride urgently needs;
  • before registration, the girlfriend cares for the bride, helps her get out of the car, helps the bride with a veil, and also takes the bouquet, and after registration helps to collect all the bouquets;
  • during the wedding photo shoot, the bridesmaid should watch the time so that the young people are not late to the restaurant or to the civilian registrars office, and on the spot should make sure that everything is enough, will order when to serve what kind of snacks.
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