Bitcoin became more popular Kim Kardashian

The reality show "Keping Up with the Kardashians" had no competitors. Till this week. And who would have thought that the popularity of the show would be bypassed ... bitcoin! We are not joking: as Google statistics showed and the Bloomberg publication assured, reality is yesterday, today a new drama has completely taken possession of users - fluctuations of the virtual currency exchange rate. This week, requests with the word “Bitcoin” have many times exceeded requests related to the TV show Kardashians. And all because on Wednesday, November 29, the rate of Bitcoin first rose to a record $ 11,427, and then plummeted to $ 9,333. Against this background, Bruce Jenner’s admission on the air that he wants to change sex seems like a beaten dull script! By the way, this year the reality show celebrates the anniversary - 10 years on the air.

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